General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

The metal, which is a constituent of vitamin B12 is____________?

A. Iron
B. Magnesium
C. Zinc
D. Cobalt

Tetanus is caused by____________?

A. Clostridium
B. Virus
C. Bacteriophage
D. Salmonella

The carbon dioxide content in the air that we exhale is about?

A. 4%
B. 9%
C. 15%
D. 16%

Which part of the tongue bears cells for sour taste?

A. Front
B. Back
C. Sides
D. Middle

Cell or Tissue death within a living body is called as__________?

A. Neutrophilia
B. Nephrosis
C. Necrosis
D. Neoplasia

What inspired reflecting road lights to be invented

A. Car door reflecting mirrors
B. The light a cat’s eyes gave off on a fence
C. Sunlight on steel posts on roadsides
D. The sunlight on the windshield

Insufficient blood supply in the human body is referred to as___________?

A. Ischemia
B. Hyperemia
C. Hemostasia
D. Hemorrhage

The toxicity of which of the following heavy metals leads to Liver cirrhosis?

A. Copper
B. Lead
C. Mercury
D. Zinc

EEG records the activity of__________?

A. Heart
B. Lungs
C. Brain
D. Muscles

Animals living in the Tree trunks are known as___________?

A. Arboreal
B. Volant
C. Amphibious
D. Aquatics

What happens to a person who receives the wrong type of blood?

A. All the arteries constrict
B. All the arteries dilates
C. The RBCs agglutinate
D. The spleen and lymph nodes deteriorate

The brain of a human adult weighs about_________?

A. 1200 – 1300 gm
B. 1600 – 2000 gm
C. 500 – 800 gm
D. 100 – 200 gm

The ability of the Eye to see in the dark, is due to the production of a purple pigment known as________?

A. Carotene
B. Rhodopsin
C. Iodopsin
D. Retinene


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