General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

The post-mortem examination of a body is called __________

A. Etymology
B. autopsy
C. Anatomy
D. None of these

The luster of diamond is due to_________?

A. Reflection
B. Total internal reflection
C. Refraction
D. None of these

Which statement about sound is true

A. Sound can’t travel through  vacuum
B. Sound can’t travel through  glass
C. Sound can’t travel through  water
D. None of theses

Enology is the study of____________?

A. Wine
B. Digestion
C. Kidneys
D. None

Nephology is the study of_____________?

A. Knowledge
B. Clouds
C. Rain
D. None

The Reason for a Swimming Pool to appear Less Deep than the actual depth is__________?

A. Refraction
B. Light scattering
C. Reflection
D. Interference

Ombrophobia is fear of____________

A. Rain
B. Snow
C. Smog
D. None of these

Which creature is the symbol of Medicine?

A. Cat
B. Lizard
C. Snake
D. None of these

A reptile with a four-chambered heart is______________?

A. Snake
B. Turtle
C. Lizard
D. Crocodile

Which Gas is included in Fry Chips Packets for safety?

A. Nitrogen gas
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Oxygen
D. Hydrogen

Study of Soil is called__________?

A. Pedology
B. Pedagogy
C. sociology
D. Demography

The type of glass used in making lenses and prisms is___________?

A. Pyrex glass
B. jena glass
C. Flint Glass
D. Soft glass

What “Enrico Fermi” invented?

A. X ray machine
B. Betatron
C. Cyclotron
D. Nuclear reactor



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