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Officerswiki is a free education & learning platform for all students and working professionals, where they can practice multiple choice questions & answers (MCQs). These all MCQs on Officerswiki are FreeMcqs which are helpful in all types of exams  such as PPSC, FPSC, CSS, NTS,  PMS and UPSC. Read all these questions and answer for your knowledge.

Detergents dissolved in water help in cleaning clothes by_________?

A. Increasing the temperature of water
B. Reacting chemically with dirt
C. Reducing the surface tension of water
D. Dissolving dirt

The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves__________?

A. Viscosity of ink
B. Capillary action phenomenon
C. Diffusion of ink through the blotting
D. Siphon action

Materials for rain-proof coats and tents owe their water proof properties to________?

A. Surface tension
B. Viscosity
C. Specific gravity
D. Elasticity

A satellite moving round the earth with a uniform speed has____________?

A. An accelerated motion
B. No acceleration at all
C. Uniform acceleration
D. Uneven acceleration

For being able to see three-dimensional pictures we have to use_________?

A. A binocular
B. A camera
C. An epidiascope
D. A stereoscope

Water has maximum density at____________

A. 0°C
B. 4°C
C. 4° K
D. 4.8°C

The theory of Expanding Universe was first propounded by____________?

A. Einstein
B. Newton
C. Galileo
D. Hubble

An instrument to detect the purity of milk is____________?

A. Lactometer
B. Hygrometer
C. Manometer
D. Sonometer

Coulomb is the scientific unit to measure?

A. Velocity
B. Temperature
C. Mass
D. None OF These

Who proposed this concept “All motion is relative”?

A. Albert Einstein
B. John Kepler
C. Galileo Galilei
D. None

The field of specialization of famous Muslim scientist Abu Usman Aljahiz was?

A. Botany
B. Zoology
C. Astronomy
D. None

A satellite moving round the earth with a uniform speed has, Coulomb is the scientific unit to measure?,  An instrument to detect the purity of milk is

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