General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

At what temperature does silver melt?

A. 275 °C
B. 327 °C
C.961.8 °C
D. 100 °C

Science is derived from the Latin word “scientia” which means_________?

A. Reasoning
B. Logic
C. Knowledge
D. Life

Calculus was invented by________?

A. Al-khawarzimi
B. Pythagoras
C. IsaaC Newton
D. Al.kindi

Analytical solutions to Quadratic equations were introduced by__________?

A. Al-Khawarzimi
B. Al-haitham
C. Isaac Newton
D. Pythagoras

Study of energy production in living bodies is called_________?

A. Biology
B. Biomechanics
C. Bioenergetics
D. Aerodynamics

The study of rearing fine and intelligent human beings through genetics is called__________

A. Eugenics
B. Biotechnology
C. Cloning
D. Genealogy

Name the drugs which block the sensory nerves and prevent the patient from feeling pain?

A. Analgesics
B. Antibiotics
C. Antihistamines
D. Anaesthetics

Inside which organ is the gallbladder located?

A. Pancreas
B. Liver
C. Kidney
D. Small intestine

Who first discovered how blood circulates in the human body?

A. Edward Jenner
B. Joseph Lister
C. William Harvey
D. Gregor Mendel

Through which organ does a fish respire?

A. Nose
B. Lungs
C. Gills
D. Fins


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