General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Honey contains glucose and fructose along with some other ingredients, it has greater viscosity due to____________?

A. hydrogen bonding
B. irregular shape of the molecules
C. irregular shape of the molecules and strong intermolecular forces
D. greater molecular size

Rate of evaporation of petrol is greater than that of water at room temperature because:

A. petrol molecules do not have any hydrogen bond
B. petrol is an organic compound
C. water molecules have small size
D. petrol molecules have greater size

The increasing vapor pressure caused by heating a liquid is due to___________?

A. increase inter-molecular interactions
B. increasing potential energy of molecules
C. increasing kinetic energy of molecules
D. decreasing surface tension

Covalent network crystals have_____________?

A. higher melting point than molecular crystals
B. lower melting point than molecular crystals
C. discrete molecules linked by Van der waals forces
D. hydrogen bonding

Color of the glow produced in the discharge tube:

A. depends on the pressure in the discharge tube
B. depends on the metal used as cathode
C. depends on the gas used in the discharge tube
D. does not depend on the nature of the gas used in the discharge tube

Nuclear radiation is emitted by those elements whose:

A. molecules are stable
B. molecules are unstable
C. nuclei are stable
D. nuclei are unstable

Second ionization energy:

A. is always less than first ionization energy
B. is always greater than first ionization energy
C. is equal to the first ionization energy
D. may be greater or less than the first ionization energy depending on the nature of the element

All of the following are electromagnetic radiations except__________?

A. Red light
B. Sound waves
C. X-Rays
D. Photon

Which of the following has the highest energy

A. gamma rays
B. X-rays
C. Ultraviolet radiation
D. radio waves

Which of the following has the largest wavelength

A. visible light
B. x-rays
C. infrared light
D. ultraviolet radiation



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