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The pancreas secrets___________?

A. Insulin
B. Vitamin A
C. Bile juice
D. none of these

The common refrigerant used in domestic refrigerators is_____________?

A. Neon
B. Spirit
C. Freon/Ammonia
D. Methane

A glass chimney stops an oil lamp from smoking because:

A. It increases the supply of oxygen to the flame by convection
B. The heat produced ensures complete
C. Both to these
D. Neither of these

Most drugs are excreted through_____________?

A. Kidney
B. Skin
C. Gallbladder
D. Lungs

Insulin drug was discovered by____________?

A. Charles Herbert Best
B. Prof John James Rickard Macleod
C. Sir Frederick Grant Banting
D. Leonard Thompson

When our sun reaches the end of its red giant phase, it will turn into a___________?

A. Supernova
B. White Dwarf
C. Black Hole
D. Neutron Star

What subclass of neutron star is known for its extremely high magnetic field?

A. Magnetar
B. Quasar
C. Magneto
D. Magnetta

A pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which emits:

A. A blinding light when it aligns with the planets
B. Radio waves detectable from Earth
C. A gravitational pull which attracts high energy dust particles
D. Enough energy to power itself indefinitely

In a typical H-R diagram, stars are graphed by these two characteristics:

A. Temperature and luminosity
B. Luminosity and distance
C. Distance and temperature
D. Size and distance

You have discovered a new celestial body. It has a thick atmosphere and it produces powerful cosmic winds and, when observed, the clouds obscure the body. You have determined it is this type of star.

A. Wolf-Rayet star
B. Red supergiant
C. Stellar storm
D. Pulsar

When a star becomes a singularity and has zero volume and infinite density, it is called_______________?

A. White dwarf
B. Blue giant
C. Wolf-Rayet star
D. Black hole

PSR J0108-1431 is the closest known ______ to Earth?

A. Black hole
B. Red giant
C. Quasar
D. Pulsar

The common refrigerant used in domestic refrigerators is, Insulin drug was discovered by_, A pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which emits?, A glass chimney stops an oil lamp from smoking because

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