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General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Current stage of the star ‘Sun’ is___________?

A. white dwarf
B. red giant
C. yellow dwarf
D. orange dwarf

If the length of a heater coil is reduced by 10% of its original length, then Power consumed by heater will?

A. Increase over 10%
B. Decrease by 10%
C. Decrease by 0.5%
D. Increase by 0.5%

Sunlight is composed of___________?

A. Three colours
B. six colours
C. seven colours
D. eight colours

Which is least Conductor of Electricity among the following?

A. Wood
B. Copper
C. Iron
D. Water

What does TCM stand for in medical terms?

A. Techno Circuit Module
B. Traditional Chinese medicine
C. Tetra Carbon Monoxide
D. Telecommunication Management

Which Gas is used in the preparation of Soft drinks?

A. Oxygen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Nitrogen
D. Halogen

______________ is used for measuring velocity?

A. Speedometer
B. Anemometer
C. Odometer
D. Hygrometer

In the manufacture of vanaspati ghee the gas used is __________?

A. Helium
B. Hydrogen
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen

The chemical name of Laughing gas is___________?

A. Nitric oxide
B. Nitrogen dioxide
C. Nitrogen pentoxide
D. Nitrous oxide

Wood is the main raw material for the manufacture of ____________?

A. Paint
B. Gun powder
C. Paper
D. Ink

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