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What is ‘Stealth Technology‘?

  1. A device which when attached to an aircraft makes it invisible on the radar
    B. A coating which reduces the visibility of an aircraft on radar
    C. A Technology by which it is possible for the aircraft’s to spy in the enemy air-space
    D. A technology by using which paratroopers can be dropped stealthily behind the enemy columns.

The primary function of the feathers in birds is to _________?

A. Provide insulation for preserving body heat
B. Provide striking surface to the wings for flying
C. Make the body surface waterproof
D. impart coloration for species as well as sex recognition

The rear view mirror of a motor vehicle is ________?

A. Concave
B. Plane
C. Convex
D. Biconcave

Lead ball falls through water more slowly than through air because __________?

A. The value of ‘g’ is less in water
B. Density of air is less than that of water
C. Of the viscous force in water
D. Of The surface tension of water

A Fahrenheit thermometer indicates a temperature of ‘ 14°F. Its corresponding reading on the Celsius scale will be _________?

A. – 2O°C
B. – 10°C
C. + 10°C
D. + 20°C

Which one of the following sets of color combinations is added in color vision in TV’?

A. Red, green and blue
B. Orange, back and violet
C. White. red and yellow
D. Yellow, green and blue

A train goes past a railway station at a high speed. A young boy standing on the edge of the platform is likely to __________?

A. Remain unaffected
B. Fall away from the train
C. Fall towards the train
D. Fall away from or towards the train depending upon the speed

Water is a highly effective coolant for a car engine because _________?

A. Water is good conductor of heat
B. Water has very high specific heat capacity
C. Water boils at a comparatively high temperature
D. Evaporation of water produces lot of cooling

Scalding with steam is more severe than scalding by boiling water because_______?A. Steam can penetrate the skin
B. Steam is at a higher temperature
C. Steam contains more energy than boiling water
D. Steam is at a higher pressure

In order to prevent the corrosion of iron pipes they are often coated with a layer of zinc. This process is termed as____________?

A. Electroplating
B. Annealing
C. Galvanization
D. Vulcanization

Water is a highly effective coolant for a car engine because, What is ‘Stealth Technology‘?, The rear view mirror of a motor vehicle is, The primary function of the feathers in birds is to

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