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General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Which of the following is not an enzyme?

A. Chymotrypsin
B. Secretin
C. Pepsin
D. none

It is impossible for a type of O+ baby to have a type of____________mother:

A. AB-
B. O-
C. O+
D. none

Serum if blood plasma minus its?

A. Calcium ions
B. Clotting proteins
C. Globulins
D. none

The autonomic nervous system innervates all of these except?

A. Cardiac muscles
B. Skeletal muscles
C. Smooth muscles
D. none

The damage to the_________nerve could result in the defect of the eye movement:

A. Optic
B. Trigeminal
C. Abducens
D. none

Which of these is not a region of the spinal cord?

A. Thoracic
B. Pelvic
C. Lumbar
D. none

The shape of the external ear is due to____________?

A. Elastic cartilage
B. Fibrocartilage
C. Articular cartilage
D. none

When a patient’s immune system becomes reactive to a drug, this is an example of?

A. Superinfection
B. Drug resistance
C. Allergy
D. none

What is the smallest unit of heredity?

A. Chromosomes
B. Gene
C. Nucleotides
D. none

The approximate intensity level of the sound which can cause damage to the eardrum is?

A. 20 dB
B. 60 dB
C. 100 dB
D. 160 dB

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