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Which are the largest of the white blood cells?

A. lymphocytes
B. eosinophils
C. basophils
D. monocytes

The instrument that measures temperature, pressure, and humidity at various altitudes in the atmosphere ___________?

A. Barograph
B. Radiosonde
C. Aneroid barometer
D. Altimeter

The species that flower are called ______________?

A. Gymnosperms
B. Bryophytes
C. Angiosperms
D. Algae

Basidiospores are considered to be a major source of ___________?

A. airborne allergens
B. water borne allergens
C. animal faeces
D. bio-weapon

Pollutants that are introduced into the environment by human activity are called as ___________?

A. Qualitative pollutants
B. Quantitative pollutants
C. Anthropogenic pollutant
D. All of Above

An example of an abiotic component __________?

A. Plants
B. Soil
C. Animals
D. Bacteria

What is the mass of the Sun?

A. 1.5×10 Power 30 Kg
B. 1.98×10 Power 30 Kg
C. 4.5×10 Power 30 Kg
D. 8×10 Power 30 Kg

What is the temperature at the center of the Sun?

A. 6 million °C
B. 10 million °C
C. 15 million °C
D. 20 million °C

The top atmosphere of the Earth directly reflects back into space nearly what part of the total amount of sun’s energy coming to it?

A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 50%

The phases of the moon are partially the result of the____________?

A. Changes in the shape of the moon
B. Revolution of the moon around the earth
C. Variations in the moon’s gravitation
D. Variations in the speed of rotation of the moon

‘Black holes’ refers to_______________?

A. Holes occurring in heavenly bodies
B. Bright spots on the sun
C. Collapsing object of high density
D. Collapsing object of low density

Constellations referred to as zodiacs, are__________?

A. Imaginary regions that encompass the path of the planets
B. Signs of Roman gods
C. A group of stars
D. None of these

Which one of the following is not a unit of distance?

A. Parsec
B. Astronomical Unit
C. Light Year
D. Foot Candle

Which are the largest of the white blood cells?, Which one of the following is not a unit of distance?, What is the temperature at the center of the Sun?

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