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The earth’s atmosphere is divided into layers based on the vertical profile of __________?

A. Air pressure
B. Air temperature
C. Air density
D. Wind speed

Melanoma (skin cancer) is associated with ______________?

A. ozone accumulation
B. ozone depletion
C. acid rain
D. allergens

In the human body there are_________________kinds of bones?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Types of bones in the human body are: Long, short, irregular and ____________?

A. Flat
B. Medium
C. Regular
D. Rough

There are__________ kinds of Joints in the human body?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Tesla is the unit of_________________________?

A. Magnetic Field Strength
B. Electric Field Strength
C. Gravitational Field Strength
D. Nuclear Field Strength

Siemens is the unit of__________________?

A. Electrical Conductance
B. Magnetic Conductance
C. Electrical Capacitance
D. Magnetic Capacitance

Steradian is the unit of_______________?

A. Solid angle
B. Liquid angle
C. Gas angle
D. Plain angle

Candela is the basic unit of_________________?

A. luminous intensity
B. heat producing value
C. Thermodynamic temperature
D. radioactive decay

“Elephant” large unit of paper measurement equal to 28 by__________

A. 23 inches
B. 25 inches
C. 28 inches
D. 31 inches

The outermost layer of skin is the__________?

A. endodermis
B. dermis
C. epidermis
D. hypodermis

“Elephant” large unit of paper measurement equal to 28 by, Candela is the basic unit of_, Tesla is the unit of_, Melanoma (skin cancer) is associated with _,Types of bones in the human body are: Long short irregular and

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