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General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Adult human brain is about_________% of the total body weight.

A. 2%
B. 3%
C. 7%
D. 8%

Humans can hear in the range of ______ to _______Hertz (Hz).?

A. 10 Hz to 10,000 Hz.
B. 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
C. 30 Hz to 30,000 Hz.
D. 40 Hz to 40,000 Hz.

Pressure is measured by_________?

A. barometer
B. Voltmeter
C. Lactometer
D. Ammeter

Which of the following is the hardest substance?

A. Copper
B. Diamond
C. Iron
D. Silicon

Which one of the following is also called Stranger Gas?

A. Neon
B. Argon
C. Xenon
D. Nitrous oxide

For which one of the following is the density maximum?

A. Ice
B. Water
C. Benzene
D. Chloroform

If you have “caries” then which doctor do you consult?

A. Dermatologist
B. Orthopaedist
C. Dentist
D. Neurologist

What is the average weight of Human Heart?

A. 300 gram
B. 350 gram
C. 400 gram
D. 450 gram

CT Scan stands for__________?

A. Computed Tomography Scan
B. Computer Tomography Scan
C. Computed Topography Scan
D. Computer Tomography Scan

In human osmoregulation takes place by___________?

A. Liver
B. Kidney
C. Spleen
D. Lungs

The average length of the kidney of a man is about?

A. 7cm to 8cm
B. 8cm to 10 cm
C. 10cm to 13 cm
D. 13cm to 16cm

The time taken by the Sun to revolve around the center of our galaxy is___________?

A. 150 million years
B. 250 million years
C. 300 million years
D. 350 million years

Primary cosmic rays are composed largely of very fast__________?

A. Protons
B. Neutrons
C. Electrons
D. Gamma rays

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