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General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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One Quintal is Equal to___________?

A. 70 kg
B. 80 kg
C. 90 kg
D. 100 kg

The Scientist who told “Heat is a form of Energy” was___________?

A. Thomas Alva Edison
B. Newton
C. Joule
D. Kepler

The Time taken for sunlight to reach the Earth is___________?

A. 700 sec
B. 8hrs 20 mins
C. 8 mins 20 sec
D. 8 mins

The mirrors used in the Automobiles are___________?

A. Concave
B. Convex
C. Plains
D. Reflective

The distance b/w Earth and Moon is___________?

A. 3,50,000km
B. 3,60,100km
C. 3,72,000km
D. 3,84,400km

How long does it take for the moon to orbit the earth once?

A. 26.3 days
B. 27.3 days
C. 28.3 days
D. 30.3 days

The density of Air is_____________?

A. 0.225 kg/m3
B. 1.025 kg/m3
C. 1.225 kg/m3
D. 1.425 kg/m3

Density of Ice is_________?

A. 800kg/m3
B. 917 kg/m3
C. 930kg/m3
D. 1000 kg/m3

Wind always blows from the area of ________?

A. Low pressure to high pressure
B. High pressure to low pressure
C. Only low pressure
D. Only high pressure

Freezing point of water is__________?

A. 0 °C
B. -2 °C
C. -4 °C
D. None of above

The melting point of ice is_________

A. 00C
B. 1000C
C. 40C

How many Dynes are there in one gram weight?

A. 993
B. 981
C. 250
D. 375

“Ornithology” is the study of_____________?

A. Birds
B. Insects
C. Sea Plants
D. Sea Animals

‘Bar’ is the unit of___________?

A. Temperature
B. Heat
C. Atmospheric pressure
D. Current

One Joule is equal to__________?

A. 105ergs
B. 103ergs
C. 107 ergs
D. 1011 ergs

Scientists discovered a previously undetected feature of the human Anatomy that could be the largest organ of the human body?

A. Brass
B. Pectora
C. Interstitium
D. Otic

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