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General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Which of the following vitamins is synthesized in the body by intestinal bacteria_______?

A. Vitamins B1
B. Vitamins B12
C. Vitamins E
D. Vitamins K

Mercury is also known as_________?

A. Shine Silver
B. QuickSilver
C. Slow Silver
D. Slippery Silver

What kind of soil is treated with gypsum to make it suitable for cropping______?

A. Alkaline
B. Acidic
C. Waterlogged
D. Soil with excessive clay content

Phobos is the natural satellite of which planet__________ ?

A. Mars
B. Venus
C. Saturn
D. Neptune

Galvanised Iron sheets have a coating of____________

A. Tin
B. Silver
C. Zinc
D. Chromium

Spinach leaves are rich source of________

A. Amino acid
B. Iron 
C. Vitamin E
D. Carotene

Which pollutant from motor car exhaust causes mental disease _____?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Lead
C. Sulphur Dioxide
D. Mercury

The ratio of pure gold in 18 carat gold is _______________?

A. 0.5
B. 0.9
C. 0.8.5
D. 0.75

What is the element required for solar energy conversion ______?

A. Ultra pure carbon
B. Silicon
C. Beryllium
D. Tantalum

An element that does not occur in nature but can be produced artificially is__________?

A. Plutonium
B. Uranium
C. Radium
D. Thorium

Muscle fatigue is caused by the accumulation of___________?

A. Uric acid
B. Lactic acid
C. Oxaloacetic acid
D. Fyruvie acid

The total energy of revolving electron in an atom_____________

A. Will always be positive
B. Can never be positive
C. Can have any value above zero
D. Cannot be negative

The Virus of AIDS affects the growth of_____________?

A. Hemoglobin
B. RBCs in blood
C. T cells in blood
D. Grey Cells in blood

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