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The largest latitude circle on earth is ________?

A. Arctic circle
B. Tropic of cancer
C. Tropic of Capricorn
D. The Equator

The oldest barrage on the river Indus at Sukkur was built in_____?

A. 1932
B. 1940
C. 1930
D. 1928

Afternoon rains in the equatorial region are the result of influences _______?

A. Land Breeze
B. Monsoon
C. Frontal
D. Convectional

When warm air is lifted off the surface in temperature depression it is called ________?

A. An occlusion
B. A cold front
C. An anticyclone
D. A warm front

Water vapour turns into clouds in the atmosphere when:

A. It rains
B. The temperature rise
C. Dew point is reached
D. Evaporation takes place

Weather describes the condition of ______ at any one time.

A. The earth
B. The land surface
C. The atmosphere
D. The ionosphere

The Stevenson screen contains all of these EXCEPT:

A. Wet bulb thermometer
B. Maximum thermometer
C. Ordinary thermometer
D. Anemometer

A wind which reverses seasonally is known as_____?

A. Trade
B. Cyclonic
C. Monsoon
D. Polar

A canyon is a large form of ________?

A. Dry valley
B. Gorge
C. Pediment
D. Badiand

Which of the statements about the Troposphere is not true?

A. It contains 85-90% of the atmosphere’s mass
B. It contains nearly all the water and oxygen of the atmosphere
C. It is the zone which exhibits changes in condition of weather
D. It is about 350 km thick

The final phase of a star’s evolution is determined by the star’s:

A. Age
B. Gravitational pull
C. Density
D. Mass

Which of these is not a Metamorphic rock?

A. Quartzite
B. Slate
C. Gneiss
D. Schist
E. Diorite

The oldest barrage on the river Indus at Sukkur was built in, Which of these is not a Metamorphic rock?, A canyon is a large form of ________?, The largest latitude circle on earth is ________?

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