General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

Who came up with three laws of motion?

A. Galileo
B. Albert Einstein
C. Issac Newton 
D. Hubble

What has no charge, and is one of the fundamental particles making up an atom’s nucleus?

A. Electron
B. Neutron
C. Proton
D. All of Above

What are the three basic units of measurement for the metric system

A. Mètre, litre and gramme
B. Centimetre, kilograms and metric
C. Kilogram, mass and energy
D. Kelvin, cd and mole

The ‘stone’ formed in the human kidney consists mostly of_____________?

A. Calcium oxalate
B. Sodium acetate
C. Magnesium sulphate
D. Calcium

Approximately, how many times each day do our heart valves open and close normally?

A. 10,000
B. 1,00,000
C. 1,50,000
D. 2,00,000

Quantity of fresh air required for a man is 1000 cubic feet of air for every____________?

A. 5 minutes
B. 10 minutes
C. 15 minutes
D. 20 minutes

What kind of weathering takes place on the valley side above the surface of the glacier?

A. Plucking
B. Abrasion
C. Chemical weathering
D. Frost shattering

Rainfall related to mountains is:

A. Orographic rainfall
B. Normal rainfall
C. Monsoon rains
D. Cyclonic rainfall

What is meant by “Equinox”?

A. The longest day
B. The shortest day
C. The sun-month long day
D. Equal duration of day and night

The distance of longitude represents how many minutes difference in time?

A. 10 minutes
B. 4 minutes
C. 15 minutes
D. 1 minute

The season changes because of the ____________?

A. Moon is revolving round the earth
B. Earth is revolving around its axis
C. Earth is revolving round the sun
D. Planet Mars is attracting the sun


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