General Science Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

In the BTU system, one BTU is equal to__________

A. 2055 Joule
B. 1155 Joule
C. 2155 Joule
D. 1055 Joule

In which system of units, gas bills are charged?


All forms of energy that we use are ultimately transformed into__________?

A. Electrical Energy
B. Heat Energy
C. Light Energy
D. Chemical Energy

The amount of energy in wheat is__________

A. 100 K Calories/100 gram
B. 245 K Calories/100 gram
C. 348 K Calories/100 gram
D. 490 K Calories/100 gram

The major part of natural gas, petroleum and coal consists of?

A. Carbon
B. Chlorine
D. Methane

What is used in making alloys?

A. Gypsum
B. Granite
C. Chromium
D. Lime-stone

The large plates of solar panels are painted?

A. Red
B. White
C. Yellow
D. Black

According to the definition of 1 KWh, a 100 watt bulb consumes one unit of electricity in_________?

A. 2 hours
B. 5 hours
C. 8 hours
D. 10 hours

Units of electricity consumed by 2500 watt air-conditioners in one hour are_________

A. 25 units
B. 2.25 units
C. 2.5 units
D. 0.25 units

In the electricity meter the digit to the extreme right is___________?

A. 1/5th of the unit
B. 1/100 of the unit
C. 1/10th of the unit
D. 1/1000th of the unit


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