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1 BTU(British thermal unit) is equal to___________?

A. 955 joules
B. 990 joules
C. 1055 joules
D. 1211 joules

How many moons does Neptune have?

A. 63
B. 12
C. 19
D. 14

Oncology is the Study of__________?

A. Onions
B. Origins
C. Cancer
D. Diseases

Summer solstice means__________? 

A. longest day 
B. longest night
C. smallest day
D. none of these

Which one is a Natural Satellite?

A. Sun
B. Moon
C. Venus
D. Mercury

What are Columns in the Periodic table called?

A. Period
B. Group
C. Verticals
D. Perpendiculars

What are rows in the Periodic table called? 

A. Period
B. Group
C. Verticals
D. Perpendiculars

How many rows and columns are in the modern Periodic Table?

A. 18 columns and 7 rows
B. 12 columns and 9 rows
C. 7 columns and 18 rows
D. 25 columns and 15 rows

When we sleep, blood pressure_____________?

A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Remain constant
D. None of these

A Vegetable containing sulphur is____________?

A. Potato

B. Cabbage

C. Brinjal
D. Pumpkin

Who is the founder of the solar system?

A. Copernicus
B. Newton
C. Galileo
D. Kepler

How many moons does Neptune have?,When we sleep blood pressure?,Who is the founder of the solar system?,What are Columns in the Periodic table called?,Which one is a Natural Satellite?

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