I.I Chundrigar-Political Career-Minister of Trade- As Prime Minister

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I.I Chundrigar

I.I Chundrigar

Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar was the full name of I.I.Chundrigar. He was born in Midnapore, Ahmedabad, on April 15, 1898. After graduating from Bombay University, he earned his law degree from the same institution. After completing his L.L.B, he began practicing law in 1920.  He was appointed as sixth prime minister of Pakistan for only two months from 17-October 1957, to 16-December 1957,. 

Political Career

I.I Chundrigar began his political career as a member of the Muslim League. When the Muslim League responded to the Government of India Act of 1935, he became well known. In 1937, he was elected to the Bombay Legislative Council as a member of the body. In 1940, he was elected as Deputy Leader of the Mulism League.  Quaid-i-Azam Jinnah personally requested that he go to Bombay, where he served as President until October 1946. Chundrigar was one of Jinnah’s five nominations for the Interim Government in 1946. Chundrigar was given the portfolio of Commerce.

Chundrigar as Minister of Trade and Commerce

In 1947, I.I Chundrigar was appointed Minister for Trade and Commerce in Pakistan’s first cabinet upon Pakistan’s independence. Then from November 1951 to May 1953, he served as ambassador to Afghanistan. Then he was appointed as Governor of West Punjab but dismissed from his position when martial law was imposed in Lahore in 1953. After this, from August 1955 to August 1957, he served as Minister of Law in the coalition government of the federal.

I.I Chundrigar prime minister (17-October 195716-December 1957)

I.I Chundrigar prime minister

I.I Chundrigar prime minister

Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy resigned as Prime Minister  in October 1957 after only one year in office. Chundrigar was nominated as a sixth Prime Minister of Pakistan but had a weak position in the Assembly. He was made prime minister with the support of four parties Krishak Sramik, Nizam-i-Islam Party, Awami League, and Republicans, which formed a coalition government under his leadership

It had promised to establish a coalition government with the Republican Party on the condition that the principle of distinct electorates would be applied in the country by modifying the Electoral Act. When he presented the Electoral reforms bill, he was criticized too much, even by his ministers. President Iskander Mirza also criticized these electoral college reforms. However, the Republican Party refused the bill.

After so many critics, a no-confidence move was presented by the republican party in the National Assembly, and he was dismissed from his position. It was less than two months before he left office as Prime Minister. 

I.I Chundrigar was an accomplished lawyer, rather than a politician,  When G.G Ghulam Muhammad dismissed the government of Khawaja Nazimuddin, then Maulvi Tamiz-ud requested I.I Chundrigar fought the case against Ghulam Muhammad  Ordinance . 


He died on September 26, 1960, and was buried in Karachi. In pakistan in differnet cities road has given name on his name “I.I Chundrigar road”.

I.I Chundrigar road


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