Imran Khan faces criticism over his statement about Maryam: “Did he really say that, really?” This is awful, very frustrating. “

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Maryam, look carefully, your husband will be angry. The way you take my name.

It had been more than half an hour since Imran Khan’s speech on TV and I was taking notes for the news when I heard these words and looked back at the screen where Imran Khan Jalsa song was playing and there was pause due to the sound system. Imran Khan’s speech resumed at a large gathering in Multan and the audience continued to pay tribute to him.imran khan jalsa schedule

Imran Khan’s talk regarding Maryam Nawaz can neither find a place in breaking news nor in the headlines but what is it? What are his supporters and his critics saying? Before going on social media, let’s go through the recording of Imran Khan’s speech and see the context of his sentences because it is often heard that some sentences turn out of context.

In what way did Imran Khan start and end the talk?

Imran Khan was giving the same speech that he has been giving during the meetings for the last several days when suddenly he said in a very normal way, ‘Someone sent me a speech on social media, Maryam was giving a speech somewhere yesterday. He said my name on social media so many times and with such passion and obsession that I want to tell her to look at her husband and pay attention so that your husband does not get angry as you take my name.

While the statement of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was strongly condemned on social media, some social media users also expressed different views. One user, Zoya Khan, said, “For me, Imran Khan and his words are not disturbing, but the reaction of the audience, the noise, the applause of their listeners, is what frightens me.”

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What are DeepFakes, and how are they made? Why are Imran Khan and PTI leaders pointing it out again and again?

After Imran Khan’s speech, there was a pause for a few moments with a music beat, then he started mentioning the Sharif family and started asking questions. Apart from Multan Jalsa, the trend against Imran Khan has increased on Twitter and Maryam Nawaz is also in the top trend. People who have seen these words of Imran Khan written on social media are questioning whether Imran Khan really said that.

Social Media Users and Views

Fauzia Bhatti writes: “Did he really say that? I mean, it’s really horrible, very disappointing.”

Fauzia Bhatti was responding to a tweet from journalist Mubashir Zaidi, who said that “the last weapon of men in this country is to humiliate women.” Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan wrote Imran Khan’s words quoting Maryam Nawaz; I am very ashamed that I was ever associated with such a lousy man.   

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who is the uncle of Maryam Nawaz in the relationship, tweeted in condemnation of the statement of his former counterpart and wrote; Your crimes against the country and the nation cannot be hidden by the expression of low humor. What can be expected of the honor and respect of mothers, sisters, and daughters from those who do not pass the sanctity of the Prophet’s Mosque?

Imran Khan strongly condemned the use of vulgar language by former President Asif Ali Zardari regarding Maryam Nawaz and said that honorable people who have mothers and sisters in their homes do not use such language. Mothers, sisters, and daughters are everyone’s companions, this is the message Bibi Shaheed has left.

The former president said, “I wish someone would still write a letter of personal observation to the Chief Justice and he would take notice.” In addition, Siddique Jan tweeted that “whoever has never condemned the vile and despicable attacks on Bushra Bibi should not condemn even today.” He advised Imran Khan in one of his tweets not to apologize at all. A user Aamir Awan wrote calling himself a supporter of Imran Khan. He is our leader, not a stage play to kill the world. “

Social activist Ammar Ali Jan wrote, “The person who made the gender remarks about Maryam is the one who said that a man who is not a robot will be sexually aroused by pornography.” You can call Imran Khan the master of U-turns, but his views on the distinction of women have come to the fore over the years. Expressing frustration over Imran Khan’s words, Alia Chughtai wrote that those who are defending Imran Khan’s statement really need to examine themselves.

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