Why did Imran Khan decide to end the Long March? Has the Election date been decided? 

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Imran khan long March

Before leaving for Islamabad, Imran Khan had repeatedly announced that the PTI’s ‘true independence march’ would continue in the federal capital until the assemblies were dissolved and the next general election was called. However, the announcement came as a shock to political parties and analysts as he addressed his workers in D-Chowk on Thursday morning, informing them of his new decision. After Imran Khan’s decision came to light, the question started circulating in political circles and social media what could be the driving force behind Imran Khan’s announcement not to hold a sit-in? And what will be the next strategy of PTI, and will Imran Khan be in a position to do the same power show again in six days?

Before seeking the opinion of analysts in this regard, it is important to know what justification the PTI is offering for this “unexpected decision”. Zulfi Bukhari, a senior PTI leader, said in response to a question: “A leader of national and international standing compromises but never backs down from his goal. When he (Imran Khan) saw that Pakistanis would fight with Pakistan’s army and police, he would kill his brother. So many lives will be lost … It will only benefit the Sharif and Zardari families and harm only ordinary Pakistanis. So obviously, only a leader can think like that. “He added: “It was a great decision of a great leader for the nation. Given the apparent damage, they have given a time limit of six days, and if no election date is given during this time, the PTI will lock down the whole country.

Zulfi Bukhari apologized for answering whether there were some behind-the-scenes links behind this decision. However, he says, “I don’t think we should involve the Establishment in everything.” They played a big neutral role yesterday. The army was only called to protect government and public property under Article 245 and did not intervene.

Referring to the statement of PML-N leader Khawaja Asif (We were going to dissolve the assemblies this week, but since this (movement) is marching now, so now no one is willing to do it). Zulfi Bukhari said that We would not destroy the whole country, but on the other hand, Imran Khan has no ego or stubbornness because he has a goal in front of him, and if this goal is achieved in six days without any loss of life and property then it will be a big step. ‘If the election date is not found in six days, will Imran Khan be in a position to do a big power show? In response, Zulfi Bukhari said, “Absolutely. But this time, we will lock down Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad; we will lock down the cities on which the national economy depends. It will end the government.

“Not every servant has to reach Islamabad,” he said. We can lock down the whole of Karachi, the whole of Lahore and the whole of Islamabad. Zulfi Bukhari said that he had no information about the contact between the government and PTI, but he thought that the government must be sending messages to PTI. Has PTI succeeded in achieving its objectives from yesterday’s meeting? To this question, Zulfi Bukhari said, “It (the government) was thinking that if they kill people, people will not come out, they will go back to their homes for fear of tear gas and shelling, but the PTI will not stop them.” The rival reached Islamabad with Khan Sahib and reached in large numbers. Our goal was to show that we could go wherever we wanted and be close to the whole country. And we’ve been successful in showing that. 

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Imran Khan has left the door open for talks.

Many analysts believe the decision not to hold a sit-in may be suitable, as it may leave the door open for negotiations. ” Now it would be better for the country if the government and the opposition announced the election date together. In the eyes of journalist Khawar Ghuman, Imran Khan is learning politics with time. “In the past, we saw Khan Sahib fly away, and we could have guessed what he would do, but yesterday he made a different decision.”

He said, “Of course Imran Khan’s statement was that I will take the date but every party needs face saving in these circumstances, and we have the information that talks are going on between the government and PTI.” Yes, and hopefully, a consensus will emerge. Khawar Ghuman said that overall, the decision of Imran Khan not to hold a sit-in did not cause any harm to the PTI. They have the opportunity to learn. The PML-N leader Muhammad Zubair “Imran Khan probably had no idea that he had taken himself to a dead end. He was talking about bringing in more than 2 million people and disrupting the country’s system, but these things are not so easy. No matter how disappointed your supporters are, whether they are 20,000 or 2 million … No matter how many large groups you bring, this method has not been successful in the past and will not be successful.

Will Imran Khan be able to do the same power show again?

In this regard, Sohail Warraich says that “with the passage of time and doing the same thing over and over again, the power decreases.” In this regard, Muhammad Zubair termed the meeting as a flop show and said that nothing would happen after six days. Contrary to expectations and claims, people did not come this time and will not come six days later, and next time the government does not need to do anything because there are no numbers, and there will not be.

But according to many analysts, it was a great victory for PTI supporters to reach Islamabad after facing so many hurdles and resistance. It was a huge number which remained successful in reaching there. 

What was the role of the forces behind the scenes?

From the beginning of the long march to its abrupt end, has there been a force role behind this whole process? To this question, Sohail Warraich says that the forces behind the scenes are part of Pakistan and have an eye on every issue. He says, “it is not possible for them to sit idly by, they have to be involved in the country’s major decisions and they have to be called when the law and order situation arises.” However, Sohail Warraich thinks that his ‘input’ in the matter of elections may not have been taken. He said that PTI may have tried to contact him, but it is not possible to say whether he was successful or not.

According to journalist Khawar Ghman, “the issues that are decided behind closed doors in Pakistani politics have always been and will continue to be because democracy is not so strong here.” Mohammad Zubair said, “Even in the United States and the United Kingdom, if someone threatens to attack cities like this, the government cannot leave the people at their mercy and those governments will take the same steps that we took.” The government, the establishment and the rest of the institutions have all played their part.

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[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”Why Imran khan ended the Long-March?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] According to many Analysts, a agreement has done between the PTI and Power corriodor which ensured the PTI for early election and ended this current governemt. [/sc_fs_faq]


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