Imran Khan announced to march towards the Islamabad from Peshawar on 25th May.

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Imran Khan march,Imran Khan

Addressing a press conference and other leaders after the PTI core committee meeting in Peshawar, Imran Khan said he would meet the people on Srinagar Highway on May 25 so convoys from all over the country could reach Islamabad. Referring to the anti-government protests, he added that they would sit in Islamabad as long as possible. The PTI demands that the assembly be dissolved, and the general election date be announced while a fair and transparent election is ensured.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the bureaucracy and the Islamabad administration that they will take action if any attempt is made to stop their workers. He asked the workers to turn to Islamabad in advance as the administration would try to block it. Addressing the army, he said that you should remain neutral as it is necessary for the country’s integrity. He said that he invited the families of army personnel and officers, ex-military officers and civil servants to join the protest on Srinagar Highway at 3 o’clock.

Pointing to the end of his government and the success of the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly, Imran Khan said that he had come to know about the conspiracy against the government in June last year. The PTI tried its best to thwart the plot but failed. Imran Khan said that this conspiracy was not against his government but Pakistan because, in 2018, he had found the country bankrupt, but the country was moving forward after the coming of the PTI government. The PTI chief reiterated that those imposed on the people by the US conspiracy had been involved in corruption for years.

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Referring to his visit to Moscow before stepping down as PM, Imran Khan claimed that he had been asked why he had gone to Russia. Petrol prices are falling in India today because they have made cheap oil deals with Russia. Pakistan was also bargaining with Russia for cheaper wheat and oil at lower prices, and here too, petrol was cheaper. The former prime minister accused the country’s powerful establishment of going to Russia in consultation with the military leadership, but the United States was told he had gone to Russia in person.

Referring to the government of PML-N and allied parties, he said that the present rulers no longer understood how to run the country. These are falling at the feet of the IMF. Accusing the government, he said that the present government wanted to abolish the voting rights of overseas Pakistanis, the accountability bodies NAB law and other laws so that they could benefit.

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