Imran Khan in Rawalpindi announced to leave all Provincial Assemblies

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imran khan Rawalpindi

Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has decided to resign from all assemblies, it was announced today in Rawalpindi. During his speech at a public gathering in Rawalpindi, Ex-Prime Minister, Imran Khan, announced that the decision had been made to dissolve all of the provincial assemblies. He indicated that he would reveal the date after discussing it with the parliamentary party members. Imran Khan claimed that if the march hadn’t been called off, there would have been a catastrophe the next day; hence, this decision has been made considering his statements.

The chairman of the PTI stated that he does not want anarchy in the country and supports peaceful demonstrations. For the sake of the country’s economy, elections must be held as soon as possible. When there is a collapse in the economy, it also has an impact on the nation’s security. I am also informing those making decisions that the country will default if the country does not move towards an early election. Earlier, as he addressed the crowd at the event, the former prime minister stated that the dread of death transforms a great man into a cowardly individual.

He revealed the information that those three persons who were involved in the planning of his assassination attempt today continue to hold important positions today. Imran Khan stated that someone told him that he would plot again, but Allah has made it evident that He has the power of life and death in His hands. Imran Khan stated that 12 persons were hit by gunfire on the container, including one guard who was hit by six bullets but still managed to survive since Allah does not write death on anyone’s hand. 

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