Pakistan History MCQs After 1947-16

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Who was the chairman of the All Parties Muslim Conference?

  1. Jinnah
  2. Rahmat Ali
  3. Allama Iqbal
  4. Agha Khan

Who helps Quaid-e-Azam in the preparation of Fourteen Points?

  1. Mulana Muhammad Ali Johar
  2. Mulana Hakim Ajmal Khan
  3. Mulana Zafar Ali Khan
  4. Sir Agha Khan

Zaboor-e-Ajam was written by: (PPSC 2011)

  1. Al-Farabi
  2. Allama Iqbal
  3. Tusi
  4. Mawardi

Zarb-e-Kaleem was written by: (FPSC 2015)

  1. Ghazali
  2. Alama Iqbal
  3. Farabi
  4. Mawardi

Allama Iqbal was invited to attend the 3rd Round Table Conference in the year:(FPSC 2015)

  1. 1930
  2. 1932
  3. 1934
  4. 1936

Where annual session of the All India Muslim League was held in 1930? (PPSC 2013)

  1. Lucknow
  2. Delhi
  3. Muradabad
  4. Allahabad

The idea of Pakistan was first conceived by: (FPSC 2015)

  1. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  2. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
  3. Allama Iqbal
  4. None of these

When did Iqbal become a member of the Punjab Legislative Council? (FPSC 2015)

  1. 1923
  2. 1924
  3. 1925
  4. 1926

When Alama Iqbal tomb was built?

  1. 1931
  2. 1951
  3. 1851
  4. 1921

In 1930 Mahatama Gandhi started the Civil Disobedience movement from                                             Read about  Civil Disobedience movement Click Here

  1. Dandi
  2. Sabarmati
  3. Wardha
  4. Sevagram

Which session of Indian National Congress approved “Gandhi-Irwin Pact?

  1. Karachi session
  2. Lahore session
  3. Calcutta session
  4. Tripura session

When Gandhi-Irwin Pact was made? (PPSC 2018)                     Read about Gandhi-Irwin Pact Click Here

  1. 5th March 1935
  2. 5th March 1930
  3. 5th March 1931
  4. 5th March 1928

From 1930-32 the British government convened in London:

  1. Two round table conference
  2. Three round table conference
  3. Four round table conference
  4. Five round table conference

Who inaugurated 1st round table conference?

  1. George II
  2. George III 
  3. George IV
  4. George V

In 1930 Gandhi started the Civil Disobedience movement from,When Gandhi-Irwin Pact was made?When Alama Iqbal tomb was built?

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