Pakistan History MCQs After 1947-19

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On whose advice did congress reject the Cripps Proposal?           Read about Cripps Mission Click Here

  1. Gandhi
  2. Nehru
  3. Atama Ram
  4. Chatterjee

The Cripps Mission failed because:

  1. The Congress leader did not extend requisite cooperation to it
  2. The muslim league adopted a very non-cooperative attitude
  3. Of the unhelpful attitude of British Prime Minister as well as the Viceroy of India
  4. Of lack of necessary publicity

Gandhi-Jinnah talks were held in the year:                   Read about Gandi-Jinnah talks Click Here

  1. 1941
  2. 1942
  3. 1944
  4. 1945

Gandhi-Jinnah talks were held to discuss:                         Read about Gandi-Jinnah talks Click Here

  1. The Quit India Movement
  2. Partition of India issue
  3. World War second
  4. Occupation of Burma by Japan

The Gandhi-Jinnah talks were held in the city of:

  1. Delhi
  2. Calcutta
  3. Lahore
  4. Bombay

When did Lord Wavell come to India?

  1. March 1943
  2. April 1943
  3. May 1943
  4. June 1943

Wavell plan was suggested by Lord Wavell viceroy of India in :   Read about Wavell Plan Click Here

  1. 1944
  2. 1946
  3. 1945
  4. 1947

Lord Wavell in his plan to offered to set up a new 

  1. Legislative Council
  2. Executive council
  3. Election Commission
  4. Educational commission

The plan which offered in 1945 that all the members of Viceroy’s Council except the Viceroy C-IN-C would be India was

  1. Simla Plan
  2. Third June plan
  3. Mountbatten plan
  4. Wavell plan

The fate of the 1945 Wavell plan was that

  1. Only congress rejected the plan
  2. Only the Muslim league rejected the plan
  3. Both congress and the league accepted the plan
  4. Both congress and the league rejected the plan

The Wavell plan failed mainly because of:

  1. Lack of support from British Government
  2. The league stand over getting Pakistan
  3. No Agreement between league and congress
  4. None

When Simla conference under the Presidentship of Lord Wavell was started?

  1. 24 June 1945
  2. 24 June 1946
  3. 22 September 1945
  4. 24 September 1946 

In Simla conference in 1945 Unionist party was represented by:       Read about Simla conference Click Here

  1. Hussain Imam
  2. Khizat Hayat Khan
  3. Khan Sahib
  4. Khwaja Nazimuddin 

After the failure of the Simla conference the election of central legislative was held on:

  1. November 1945
  2. December 1945
  3. September 1945
  4. August 1945

Who represented the congress at Simla Conference?

  1. Abdul Kalam Azad
  2. Khizar Hayat
  3. Dr. Khan Sahib
  4. All

In Simla conference in 1945 Unionist party was represented by,The Wavell plan failed mainly because of,Gandhi-Jinnah talks were held to discuss

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