Pakistan History MCQs After 1947-6

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Who set up Anjuman-e-Taraki-e-Urdu?

  1. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
  2. Mulana Mohammad Ali Johar
  3. Maulavi Abdul Haq
  4. Nawab Mohsin-ul-Malik & Maulvi Abdul Haq

With regard to language Sir Anthony MacDonnell was in favor of:

  1. Hindi language and the Nagri script
  2. Urdu language
  3. Hindi language
  4. Nagri script

In which year Banaras institute was established?

  1. 1859
  2. 1860
  3. 1861
  4. 1863

Banaras institute was the first practical step taken against the language of:

  1. Urdu
  2. Bengali
  3. Persian
  4. English

When Urdu was introduced as an official language in the subcontinent by the British Government?

  1. 1826
  2. 1827
  3. 1828
  4. 1832

Where did Sir Syed Ahmad establish the central Association?

  1. Muradabad
  2. Ghazipur
  3. Allahabad
  4. Aligarh

Which platform was used by Sir Syed for the protection of Urdu?

  1. Muslim League
  2. Scientific Society
  3. All India Congress
  4. All of the above

Who was the George Campbell?

  1. Governor of Bengal
  2. Governor of U.P
  3. Governor of Assam
  4. Governor of Punjab

Who was Sir Anthony MacDonnell?

  1. Assam Governor
  2. MP Governor
  3. AP Governor
  4. UP Governor

 Who is known as a grand old man of Urdu?

  1. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
  2. Mulana Mohammad Ali Johar
  3. Molavi Abdul Haq
  4. Nawab Mohsin-ul-Malik

Who was Shakespeare?

  1. Viceroy of India
  2. Governor of Banaras
  3. Governor-General
  4. Parliament member of UK

After which incident Two-Nation Theory was presented?

  1. War of Independence
  2. Simla Deputation
  3. Urdu Hindi Controversy
  4. Partition of Bengal

In which city Brahma Raj was founded?

  1. Delhi
  2. Agra
  3. Calcutta
  4. Dhaka

What was the aim of Brahma Samaj?

  1. Reforms in India
  2. Reforms in society
  3. Reforms in politics
  4. Reforms in Hinduism

Brahmo Sabha was later known as:

  1. Brahmo Samaj
  2. Prathana Samaj
  3. Dev Samaj
  4. Arya Samaj

In which year Banaras institute was established? Who is known as a grand old man of Urdu?

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