Islamabad-Karachi-Shifting of Capital–Reasons of Shifting Capital

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shifting of capital from karachi to islamabad,

Shifting of Capital (Karachi to Islamabad) 

Islamabad, on 26-October 1966 became officially Capital of Pakistan. It is on north of Rawalpindi. In 1959, it was decided to shift the capital of Pakistan from Karachi to Islamabad.  Doxiades, a Greek architectural firm, created the master plan for Islamabad  in 1960. It divided the city into eight zones.  

The construction began in October 1961, and the city officially inaugurated  on October 26, 1966.  Construction of the city’s main buildings, roadways, and utilities was completed by the mid-1970s. However, in June 1959, the departments of different governments were shifted temporarily to Rawalpindi.

Because Karachi is a port city with a naturally sheltered inland coastline, it is more vulnerable to attacks and possible siege by India in the event of war.

Why islamabad was chosen as capital

When did islamabad became caopital of pakistan


The capital was relocated primarily for military purposes. Karachi had a population of comparatively educated and politically volatile Urdu speakers, and Ayub Khan didn’t want his city surrounded by such people, who may cause trouble for him at any time.

Because the new capital was close to the Army headquarters (GHQ), Ayub Khan could seek support promptly in times of need. 

Islamabad was chosen for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Located in the Himalayan foothills, it is in a prime location for defense.
  • Near the military headquarters in Rawalpindi
  • Mountains encircle it on all sides, making it difficult to conquer from the north, east, and west.
  • If an army invaded from the coast in the south, it would have to traverse hundreds of kilometers before reaching Islamabad.
  • To approach Islamabad, the Indian army would have to cross hundreds of miles of unfriendly weather and several rivers and canals.
  • Pothwar from northwestern Punjab, Paharis from Azad Kashmir, and Hazarawals from KPK surround it and they are very loyal to their country.
  • In Chakwal, Jhelum, Dina, and Mirpur, loyal and valiant troops are bred and raised in large numbers.
  • There are two ethnic groups in Pakistan, Punjabi, and Pashtun, both loyal to the nation and responsible for defending the areas around Islamabad.
  • To approach the capital, an invading force would have to overcome various natural defenses and warlike inhabitants.

Islamabad was chosen as Pakistan’s capital because it is safer than Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Quetta, and it is located in a central location.

When did islamabad became caopital of pakistan,When did islamabad became caopital of pakistan

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