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Islamiyat Mcqs for PPSC, FFPS, NTS

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_____________ died while standing with the support of a stick 

A. Hazrat Suleman A.S
B. Hazrat Musa A.S
C. Hazrat Haroon A.S
D. Hazrat Essa A.S

When did the Karbala incident occur?

A. 10 October 680
B. 12 October 680
C. 14 October 680
D. 16 October 680

How many Surah are with the name of Prophets

A. 2
B. 3
C. 6
D. 5

Which of the following was the Teacher of Hazrat Musa (AS) ?

A. Hazrat Ishaq (AS)
B. Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S)
D. Hazrat Yousaf (A.S)

In which Islamic Battle Angeles helped the Muslims?

A. Uhad
B. Badar
C. Khyber
D. None

Who was called the kidnapper of the scholars?

A. Haroon-ur- Rasheed
B. Abu-Jafar al-Mansoor
C. Mahmood Ghaznavi
D. None of the above

Hazrat Adam (AS) is a word of______________language?

A. Hebrew
B. Syriani
C. Persian
D. Arabic

Name the Ummul-Mumineen who have narrated about 2210 Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh)?

A. Hazrat Hifsa (Radi-Allahu Anha)
B. Hazrat Aisha Siddiqa (Radi-Allahu Anha)
C. Hazrat Khadijah (Radi-Allahu Anha)
D. Hazrat Zainib (Radi-Allahu Anha)

Who was the First Women “Hafiz e Quran” to memorize the Holy Quran?

A. Ummul Mumneen Hazrat Aysha (R.A)
B. Umal Mumneen Hazrat Zainab (R.A)
C. Umm Al Mumneen Hafsah bint-e-Umar (R.A)
D. None of them

In which Hajjri Ghazwa e Ohad was fought?

A. 2 AH
B. 4 AH
C. 5 AH
D. 3 AH

When was the meat of donkey prohibited

A. Jang-e-Badar
B. Jang-e-Khaibar
C. Jang-e-Ahzab
D. Jang-e-Hunain

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