Islamiyat Mcqs for PPSC, FFPS, NTS

Against which person, the Yamama War was fought by Muslims ? Be aware that this person had falsely proclaimed a prophecy?

A. Aswad Unsa
B. Muslima Kazzab
C. Tahha Asadi
D. Mukhtar bin Abu Abaid Saqif

To which Suhabi responsibility was given for the collection of the Holy Quran by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) ?

A. Hazrat Umar bin Wahab (R.A)
B. Hzrat Saeed bin Alaas (R.A)
C. Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (R.A)
D. Hazrat Ali (R.A)

After Hazrat Umar, to whom lady, the script of Musaef Abi Bakr was handed over? This lady is amongst the Ummahat-ul-Momineen (R.A)

A. Hazrat Aysha Siddiqa (R.A)
B. Hazrat Memona (R.A)
C. Hazrat Hifsa (R.A)
D. Hazrat Safia (R.A)

Who was the Head of that board, which was established for the preparation of copies of Musaef Abi Bakr?

A. Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (R.A)
B. Hazrat Usama bin Qais (R.A)
C. Hazrat Usman bin Maznoun (R.A)
D. Hazrat Muaz bin Jabel (R.A)

How many Rakus are in the Holy Quran?

A. 460
B. 490
C. 558
D. 570

How many verses are in the Holy Quran?

A. 5555
B. 6666
C. 6667
D. 6688

How many verses of Ayat-e-Tasbeeh are in the Holy Quran

A. 200
B. 100
C. 110
D. 90

How many Ayat e Mutfarqa are present in the Holy Quran?

A. 55
B. 66
C. 77
D. 88

Which Ayat of the Holy Quran is called Sardar ul Ayat?

A. Surah Yaseen
B. Ayat-ul-Kursi
C. Surah Fateh
D. Surah Baqarah

Minimum Verses in a Surah in the Holy Quran are?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6


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