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Hazrat Khadija (RA) died ?

A. 618 A.D
B. 619 A.D
C. 620 A.D
D. 621 A.D

When did Imam Abu Hanifa die?

A. 120 A.H
B. 130 A.H
C. 140 A.H
D. 150 A.H

Collection of Holy Quran in the reign of Hazrat Abubakar RA was done by Hazrat Zaid RA between______?

A. 11-14 A.H
B. 11-15 A.H
C. 13-16 A.H
D. 12-15 A.H

Examples of Ijma as a slurp of Islamic Law?

A. Azan for Juma prayer
B. Compilation of Holy Quran
C. Taraweeh prayer
D. All of above

Imam Shafi learnt the Quran at the age of___________?

A. Ten
B۔ Nine
C. Seven
D. Six

When Halaku khan sacked Baghdad?

A. 1228
B. 1238
C. 1258
D. 1268

The Expedition of al Raji, occurred in the year _________ of the Islamic calendar?

A. 3 A.H
B. 4 A.H
C. 5 A.H
D. 6 A.H

When Khalid bin Waleed was removed from the service in the reign of Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA)?

A. 14 A.H
B. 15 A.H
C. 16 A.H
D. 17 A.H

The Battle of Sallasil or the Battle of Chains was fought between__________and the Muslims?

A. Arabs
B. Jews
C. Persians
D. Romans

After the Battle of Yermuk, which was won by the Muslims Khalid bin Waleed was removed by the Caliph Umar (RA) from his supreme command. The new Supreme Commander was:

A. Amr bin Al Aas (RA)
B. Abu Ubaydah (RA)
C. Saad bin Abi Waqas (RA)
D. Hazrat Bilal (RA)

Muslim must face in the direction of__________for Namaz?

A. Bait-ul-Muqaddas
B. Madina
C. Khana-e-Kaaba
D. East

How many Takbeers are recited by Moazin in Azan?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 9

The Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabbi-al-Azeem is recited in?

A. Sajda
B. Rakuh
C. Qaada
D. All of them

The Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabbi-al-Alaa is recited in?

A. Sajda
B. jalsa
C. Raku
D. Qada

Salat-e-Istasqa is offered on the occasion of?

A. Shortage of Rain
B. Solar eclipse
C. Famine
D. None of them

The Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabbi-al-Azeem is recited in?,Hazrat Khadija (RA) died ?,When Halaku khan sacked Baghdad? ,Salat-e-Istasqa is offered on the occasion of?,When did Imam Abu Hanifa die?

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