Jahandar Shah- Farrukhsiyar- War of Succession- Sayyid Brothers” King Maker”

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Jahandar Shah Mughal emperor

Jahandar Shah Mughal Emperor

In 1712 Bahadur Shah I died, and his four sons were in a war of succession. Jahandar Shah Mughal emperor, with the help of Zulfiqar Khan finally succeeded by killing his brother. Zulfikar Khan was the all-powerful minister. Later he was killed by Farrukhsiyar. 

Ascend to Throne

Sayyid Brothers

Mughal empire Shrinking

Jahandar Shah was a playful, carefree, and delightful person. When Jahandar Shah took the throne, he elevated Lal Kanwar ( a Dancing girl)  to the status of a queen. In his tenure, the Mughal court was turned into a dancing place. The emperor loved luxury and a pleasurable lifestyle. He spent the most time with Lal Kanwar, who significantly affected him.

The entire government came into the hands of Lal Kanwar, who stole and mismanaged the state due to Jahandar Shah’s failure. Under Jahandar Shah’s administration, the practice of the royal favorites interfered in state matters.

Reign of Jahandur Shah

Jahandar Shah was weak and incompetent. He was under the influence of nobles and could only rule for a year. Moreover, Jahandar Shah experienced problems from the grandson of Bahadur Shah-I “Muhammad Farrukhsiah”. Farrukhsiyar proclaimed himself emperor with the help of the Syed brothers after killing the Jahandar Shah.


Jahandar Shah and Lal Kanwar escaped from Agra and returned to Delhi to seek Zulfiqar Khan’s support. However, Zulfiqar Khan imprisoned him to acquire the favor of the new emperor instead of helping Jahandar Shah. Jahandar Shah was killed in prison on February 11, 1713, and buried alongside other family members in the vault of Humayun’s grave.

Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar

Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar ruled the Mughal monarch from 1713 to 1719. He was born in Aurangabad, Deccan, on September 11, 1683, and died on April 19, 1719, at the age of 33 in Delhi.

Ascend to Throne 

He was the grandson of  Bahadur Shah-I and the son of Azim-us-shan. When Bahadur Shah I  died in 1712, he was in Patna. A succession conflict began, and  Jahandar Shah killed his father and became king. Soon after his father’s death, Farukh Siyar declared himself an emperor of India; he began to march to Agra. In the fight on Samugarh on January 10, 1713, he met Jahandar Shah near Agra and defeated him. With the support of the Sayyid Brothers, collectively known as “kingmakers,” Farrukhsiyar went up the throne. The Sayyid Brothers, who were the genuine authorities of Mughal power, controlled him. He was killed by them when he tried to get rid of them. After his death, Rafi-ud-Darjat succeeded him, who was a cousin of the Sayyid brothers


Role of the Syed Brothers

During the early 18th century, the Mughal Empire was controlled by Syed Hassan Ali Khan and Syed Husain Ali Khan. In the aftermath of Aurangzeb’s death in 1707, the Sayyid Brothers became influential figures in the Mughal court. They made and dethroned Mughal Emperors at their wish.

It was the Syed Brothers’ mission to defend their emperor from the offender and to punish him. They were able to achieve their goal in a short time.

When Farrukhsiyar tried to get rid of them, he was blinded, deposed, and murdered by the Sayyid Brothers in 1719. In February 1719, they appointed his first cousin, Rafi ud-Darajat, as the next ruler But Rafi ud-Darajat died due to Lung diseases. After him, the Sayyid Brothers made “ Shah Jahan II” king. Shah Jahan II was the brother of  Rafi ud-Darajat  . 

 Shah Jahan II also died due to diseases.   On September 17, 1719, Muhammad Shah Rangeela (r. 1719–1748) succeeded Shah Jahan II  with the help of the Sayyid brothers. 

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