Legal framework order 1970-Yahya Khan- General Election 1970

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What was legal framework order?,

What was legal framework order?

Yahya Khan gave legal framework order to hold elections after the 1962 Constitution was repealed. He held discussions with prominent political party leaders in April-July 1969 to learn their perspectives. The majority of them demanded that the 1956 Constitution should be reinstated, claiming that its abrogation was illegal and that the country should return to its previous constitutional position. 

He appointed a team to draught a new constitutional formula. On March 30, 1970  the Legal Framework Order of 1970 was  established. After this one Unit was dissolved and west Pakistan was converted into four provinces Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan.   The principle of parity was replaced by the principle of the direct ballot

Election was held on the basis of 1956 Constitution. The National Assembly had 313 seats, with 13 seats  reserved for women. Women were also allowed to contest for general seats in the elections. 

  • 162 general seats and 7 reserved for women in East Pakistan. 
  • Punjab had 82 general seats and three reserved seats for women. 
  • Sindh had 27 general seats and one reserved seat for women. 
  • 18 general seats and 1 reserved seat for women  in the N. W. F. P. 
  • Baluchistan had 4 general seats and one reserved seat. 
  • 7 general seats in FATA.

A provincial assembly were also established in each province. Punjab had 186 members, Sindh 62, Balochis tan 21, and NWFP 42.

National Assembly elections held on October 5, 1970, and provincial assembly elections held on October 22 1970.  After the election the new government will design the new constitution of Pakistan within 120 days. If the new government fails to give a new constitution within 120 then again a new election will be called. 

Pakistan’s new constitution will be based on the following principles: 

  • Pakistan will be known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and will be the Federal Republic. 
  • The Pakistani state would be led by a Muslim, and the constitution would uphold Islam’s divinity.
  • By holding free elections for federal and provincial legislatures based on adult franchise, democratic principles will triumph. Citizens will have access to an independent judiciary as well as fundamental rights. 
  • The center will remain strong, while all provinces will be given the greatest amount of autonomy possible. 
  • The government will work to eliminate economic disparities in society, and citizens will be able to actively participate in the government’s affairs.
  • The country’s constitution will allow Pakistani Muslims to live their lives under Islamic teachings. Minorities will be free to practice their religions and will be able to share the benefits of citizenship with their Pakistani peers. 
  • The status of national and provincial assemblies was clarified by the LFO. If the federal legislature has only one house, the National Assembly would be the lower house; if the federation has two houses, it would be the upper house. In both cases, it would serve for the entire term. The same was true for provincial legislatures. 
  • If the Constituent Assembly failed to frame the Constitution, it will dissolve within 120 days.
  • After the National Assembly elections, plans will be made to schedule its meetings. 
  • The number of conditions and qualifications were specified in LFO. Any contesting political party that fails to meet the requirements will be barred from running in the elections. 
  • If the document did not meet the above-mentioned requirements, the President was given the authority to reject any Constitution drafted by the Constituent Assembly. The President also had the authority to interpret and amend the Constitution, and his decisions were not subject to legal review.

Who passed the legal framework order,Who passed the legal framework order.

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