Biography of Liaquat Ali Khan-the first Prime Minister of Pakistan-Objective Resolution

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the first prime minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali khan family tree

Liaquat Ali Khan 

In 1895, Liaquat Ali Khan was born in Karnal, India, and died in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on October 16, 1951. Regarding the Biography of Liaquat Ali Khan, he was the first prime minister of Pakistan from 1947 until 1951. According to the Liaquat Ali khan family tree, He belonged to a well-educated family. Liaquat Ali Khan death
Liaquat Ali khan family tree

Liaquat Ali Khan was educated as the son of a wealthy landowner from  Aligarh, Allahabad, and Exeter College in Oxford.  In the Liaquat Ali khan family tree, his wife was Ranna Liaqat Ali khan, who remained as Governor of Sindh from 1973 to 1976. After graduating from law school in 1923 and being elected to the provincial legislature of the United Provinces and the Central Legislative Assembly, he entered politics. As a result of his membership in the Muslim League, he became close to Jinnah.

Liaquat Ali Khan Political Career

Liaquat Ali Khan was an important personality to the formation of Pakistan with  Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.  After the partition, he was not just Jinnah’s loyal lieutenant but also demonstrated leadership skills as a leader of the Muslim League in the administration. The objective resolution 1949 and the first report of the Basic Principle Committee were also written under his supervision.

Liaquat Ali khan joined Muslim League in

Quaid-i-Azam reorganized the Muslim League when he returned to India in 1934. Liaquat Ali khan joined Muslim League on April 26, 1936, as he was chosen Honorary Secretary of the party by the members. He served in this capacity till Pakistan was established in 1947. The Quaid-i-Azam was unable to actively participate in the proceedings of the Assembly because of his tremendous political workload. As a member of the Muslim Masses Civil Defense Committee, Liaquat Ali protected Muslims against Congress operations and forward the League’s goals.

Liaquat Ali Khan was elected to the Central Legislative Assembly in 1945-46, representing the Meerut Constituency in Uttar Pradesh. In the biography of Liaquat Ali Khan, he was also elected to the Central Parliamentary Board of the League. During the last stages of the Freedom Movement, he aided Quaid-i-Azam in his negotiations with members of the Cabinet Mission and the leaders of the Congress. He was given the task of leading the League’s cabinet delegation. He was given the responsibility of handling the finances, which he did with great skill. When Liaquat Ali khan joined Muslim League in, he demand a separate homeland for Muslims and Pakistan as a result of his initiatives as Finance Minister. Upon Pakistan’s independence, Quaid-i-Azam and the Muslim League appointed Liaquat as prime Minister.

The first prime minister of Pakistan

Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (right) appointed  Nawab Zada Liaquat Ali Khan as the first prime minister of Pakistan.  He swore as Prime Minister on August 15, 1947. Till his assassination on October 16, 1951, he worked very hard in the early years of Pakistan. He lead the Objective Resolution and also did a lot of hard work in making the Constitution.

Economic Policies by Liaqat Ali Khan

Liaqat Ali khan, in addition to guaranteeing Pakistan’s survival and developing government institutions such as the civil service and the military, was responsible for creating Pakistan’s national policies. The biography of Liaquat Ali Khan shows that these policies remained essentially unchanged 70 years after the Partition. 

National Policy by Liaqat Ali Khan

A global capitalist economy aligned with the West was established. In the early, there were a lot of problems in Pakistan, so Pakistan sought help desperately from the United States and Europe.  While in Europe and the Middle East, Liaquat Ali Khan worked to strengthen Pakistan’s economy. A result of his early policies was the country’s industrial development in the 1950s, as well as in the years afterward.

Liaqat Ali Khan Governance

He has always been a proponent of democracy and wanted Pakistan to have a parliamentary system similar to Great Britain. Pakistani Muslims’ sensibilities had to be respected to accomplish this. Bypassing the Objective Resolution on March 12, 1949, he set in motion a constitution based on a parliamentary system while also paying regard to Islamic teachings and values. Pakistan’s constitution still includes the resolution, even though it has been changed.

As a prime minister, he was in a position to design a constitution and construct an effective democratic system. He established a culture of respect for all religions, creeds, and opinions.

Foreign Policy by Liaqat Ali Khan

Objective Resolution 1949He also created Pakistan’s foreign policy, which the country has generally followed since he took office. In this regard, he took a stand on Kashmir. Pakistan’s foreign policy is also characterized by its relationship with the United States and the Western world. 

He started a relationship with the western world. Still, he believed that Pakistan should remain neutral instead of being part of groups in the world order because there were many internal problems. 

Relations with Muslim states in the Middle East are the third pillar of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan wanted to establish excellent relations with other Muslim countries, particularly Iran, the first country in history to recognize Pakistan.

USSR, USA, and Liaqat Ali Khan Controversy

On May 3, 1948, the United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and Pakistan declared that they would exchange ambassadors. Liaquat said that Pakistan has always wished to have harmonious relationships with all nations of the world and that the decision to swap ambassadors with Russia is a result of that strategy. Liaquat Ali khan Grave

The Soviet ambassador invited Liaqat Ali Khan to visit Moscow in 1949. But in 1950, he went to the US, and there he made a close relationship with the West. During this visit, the US promised to support financially on the issue of Kashmir and on pashtunistan. At the same time, the Korean war was on a full scale, so the president of the US asked Liaqat Ali to provide the two divisions of soldiers in the Korean war.

Liaqat Ali declined this request to give the soldiers. After this US relationship started to fall.  In 1951 US again reached Liaqat Ali khan to get a military base for the CIA in Pakistan to spy on the USSR. But this time again, Liaqat Ali khan rejected their offer. This time the US became very angry and threatened to cut economic support to Pakistan and the issue of Kashmir. When the US ambassador said this to Liaqat Ali, he replied, “ we have taken half Kashmir without US support, and we will get the remaining also without your support.” Liaqat Ali also made relationships with China, USSR, Iran, and Poland.  

Objective Resolution 1949

During Liaquat’s tenure as Prime Minister Objective resolution was passed. Some People believe that Objective Resolution 1949 gave way to General Ziaul Haq’s Islamization policies.

Some people say Objective Resolution 1949 is a regressive text intended to undermine the Quaid-i-secular Azam’s agenda. According to those people, Jinnah was in favor of a Secular Country. 

Liaquat Ali Khan death and Grave

Liaquat Ali Khan Grave

Liaquat Ali khan Grave

Regarding the Liaquat Ali Khan death, he was assassinated on 16 October 1951. He was addressing the public when two bullets shot him down. It was identified as Said Akbar by the security forces, who shot him. Still, now, it is known as the Rawalpindi conspiracy.   After Liaquat Ali Khan death, Khawaja Nazimuddin became Prime Minister of Pakistan.


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