Mathematics Mcqs for PPSC, FFPS, NTS

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If the length, breadth and the height of a cuboid are in the ratio 6: 5: 4 and if the total surface area is 33300 cm2, then length breadth and height in cms, are respectively?

A. 90, 85, 60
B. 85, 75, 60
C. 90, 75, 70
D. 90, 75,60

wo pipes X and Y fill a tank in 15 hrs. and 20 hrs. respectively, while a third pipe ‘Z’ can empty the full tank in 25 hrs.  All the three pipes are opened in the beginning.  After 10 hrs. Z is closed.  In how much time, will the tank be full ?

A. 12 hrs
B. 14 hrs
C. 16 hrs
D. 18 hrs

8 men can dig a pit in 20 days. If a man works half as much again as a boy, then 4 men and 9 boys can dig a similar pit in:__________?

A. 12 days
B. 16 days
C. 18 days
D. 20 days

Efficiency of Rashid and Danish are in the ratio 5:8. If Danish takes 51 days less than Rashid to complete the work, find the time taken by Rashid to complete the work.

A. 85 days
B. 126 days
C. 118 days
D. 136 days

A leak in the lower portion of a tank can empty the full tank in 9 hrs.  An inlet pipe fills water at the rtae of 10 lit. a minute.  When the tank is full, the inlet is opened and due to leak, the tank is empty in 16 hrs.  How many litres does the cistern hold ?

A. 12,342 litres.
B. 12,444 litres
C. 12,566 litres.
D. None of thes

A can do (1/3) of a work in 5 days and B can do (2/5) of the work in 10 days. In how many days both A and B together can do the work ?

A. 75/8 days
B. 44/6 days
C. 48/5 days
D. None of these

A alone can finish a work in X days. B alone can finish the same work in X+5 days. Together, they take 6 days to complete the work. Find X

A. 12
B. 8
C. 10
D. 9

Running at the same constant rate, 6 identical machines can produce a total of 270 bottles per minute. At this rate, how many bottles could 10 such machines produce in 4 minutes?

A. 2700
B. 1080
C. 450
D. 1800

P and Q need 8 days to complete a work. Q and R need 12 days to complete the same work. But P, Q and R together can finish it in 6 days. How many days will be needed if P and R together do it?

A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10

10 men can complete a work in 7 days. But 10 women need 14 days to complete the same work. How many days will 5 men and 10 women need to complete the work?

A. 7
B. 5
C. 6
D. 4

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