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A boatman goes 2 km against the current of the stream in 1 hour and goes 1 km along the current in 10 minutes. How long will it take to go 5 km in stationary water?

A. 40 minutes
B. 1 hour
C. 1 hr 15 min
D. 1 hr 30 min

A man can row 9 1/3 km/hr in still water and he finds that is thrice as much time to row u p than as to row down the same distance in river. The speed of the current is:________?

A. 3 1/3 km/hr
B. 3 1/9 km/hr
C. 1 ¼ km/hr
D. 4 2/3 km/hr

A boat travels upstream from B to A and downstream from A to B in 3 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water is 9km/hr and the speed of the current is 3km/hr, the distance A and B is:_______?

A. 4km
B. 6 km
C. 8 km
D. 12 km

The speed of a boat in still water is 2km/hr. If its speed upstream be 1km/hr then speed of the stream is________?

A. 1.5km/hr
B. 3km/hr
C. 1km/hr
D. none

A boat takes half time in moving a certain distance downstream than upstream. What is the ratio between the rate in still water and rate of current?

A. 1 : 2
B. 3 : 1
C. 2 : 1
D. 1 : 3

A boatman goes 2 km against the current of the stream in 1 hour and goes 1 km along the current in 10 minutes. How long will he take to go 5km in stationery water?

A. 40 Minutes
B. 1 Hour
C. 1 hr 15 Min
D. 1 Hr 30 Min

If the average marks of three batches of 55, 60 and 45 students respectively is 50, 55, 60, then the average marks of all the students is__________?

A. 53.33
B. 54.68
C. 55
D. None of these

The average weight of 16 boys in a class is 50.25 kg and that of the remaining 8 boys is 45.15 kg. Find the average weights of all the boys in the class.

A. 47.55 kg
B. 48 kg
C. 48.55 kg
D. 49.25 kg

The average weight of A, B and C is 45 kg. If the average weight of A and B be 40 kg and that of B and C be 43 kg, then the weight of B is___________?

A. 17 kg
B. 20 kg
C. 26 kg
D. 31 kg

The average of 18 observations was calculated and it was 124. Later on it was discovered that two observations 46 and 82 were incorrect. The correct values are 64 and 28. The correct average of 18 observations is___________?

A. 123
B. 137
C. 121
D. 122

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