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A man swims downstream 72 km and upstream 45 km taking 9 hours each time; what is the speed of the current?

A. 3 kmph
B. 1.5 kmph
C. 13 kmph
D. 6.5 kmph
A bag contains equal number of Rs.5, Rs.2 and Re.1 coins. If the total amount in the bag is Rs.1152, find the number of coins of each kind?

A. 432
B. 288
C. 144
D. 72
E. None of these

Arslan and Bilal have some marbles with them. Arslan told Bilal “if you give me ‘x’ marbles, both of us will have equal number of marbles”. Bilal then told Arslan “if you give me twice as many marbles, I will have 30 more marbles than you would”. Find ‘x’?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 8
E. None of these

Atif ordered 16 chapatis, 5 plates of rice, 7 plates of mixed vegetable and 6 ice-cream cups. The cost of each chapati is Rs.6, that of each plate of rice is Rs.45 and that of mixed vegetable is Rs.70. The amount that Atif paid the cashier was Rs.961. Find the cost of each ice-cream cup?

A. Rs.25
B. Rs.22.50
C. Rs.20
D. Rs.17.50
E. None of these

Three consecutive odd integers are in increasing order such that the sum of the last two integers is 13 more than the first integer. Find the three integers?

A. 9, 11, 13
B. 11, 13, 15
C. 13, 15, 17
D. 7, 9, 11
E. None of these

There are some rabbits and peacocks in a zoo. The total number of their heads is 60 and total number of their legs is 192. Find the number of total rabbits?

A. 30
B. 46
C. 40
D. 44
E. None of these

On the independence day, bananas were be equally distributed among the children in a school so that each child would get two bananas. On the particular day 360 children were absent and as a result each child got two extra bananas. Find the actual number of children in the school?

A. 600
B. 620
C. 500
D. 520
E. None of these

Eight years ago, Zahid’s age was 4/3 times that of Shahid. Eight years hence, Zahid’s age will be 6/5 times that of Shahid. What is the present age of Zahid?

A. 30 years
B. 40 years
C. 32 years
D. 48 years
E. None of these

Rs.1200 divided among P, Q and R. P gets half of the total amount received by Q and R. Q gets one-third of the total amount received by P and R. Find the amount received by R?

A. Rs.400
B. Rs.500
C. Rs.300
D. Rs.600
E. None of these

P, Q and R have Rs.6000 among themselves. R has two-thirds of the total amount with P and Q. Find the amount with R?

A. Rs.3000
B. Rs.3600
C. Rs.2400
D. Rs.4000
E. None of these

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