Mathematics Mcqs for PPSC, FFPS, NTS

A student scored an average of 80 marks in 3 subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. If the average marks in Physics and Mathematics is 90 and that in Physics and Chemistry is 70, what are the marks in Physics?

A. 60
B. 64
C. 72
D. 80

The average of four positive integers is 69. The highest integer is 93 and the least integer is 39. The difference between the remaining two integers is 28. Which of the following integers is the higher of the remaining two integers

A. 58
B. 86
C. 49
D. None of these

The present average age of a family of five members is 26 years. If the present age of the youngest member in the family is ten years, then what was the average age of the family at the time of the birth of the youngest member ? (Assume no death occurred in the family since the birth of the youngest).

A. 18 years
B. 14 years
C. 20 years
D. 16 years

The total marks obtained by a student in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is 150 more than the marks obtained by him in Physics. What is the average mark obtained by him in Chemistry and Mathematics?

A. 75
B. 150
C. 50
D. None of these

The average height of 35 boys in a class was calculated as 180cm. It has later found that the height of one of the boys in the class was wrongly written as 166 cm whereas his actual height was 106 cm. Find the actual average height of the boys in the class (Round off your answer to two decimal places)?

A. 179.29 cm
B. 178.29 cm
C. 179.38 cm
D. 178.39 cm

The average age of seven persons sitting in a row facing east is 28 years. If the average age of the first three persons is 21 years and the average age of the last three persons is 34 years, then find the age of the person sitting in the middle of the row?

A. 30 Years
B. 31 years
C. 26 years
D. 33 years

The average runs scored by a batsman in 20 matches is 40. In the next 10 matches the batsman scored an average of 13 runs. Find his average in all the 30 matches?

A. 31
B. 29
C. 28
D. 30

The average weight of a group of boys is 30 kg. After a boy of weight 35 kg joins the group, the average weight of the group goes up by 1 kg. Find the number of boys in the group originally?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

A salt manufacturing company produced a total of 5000 tonnes of salt in January of a particular year. Starting from February its production increased by 100 tonnes every month over the previous months until the end of the year. Find its average monthly production for that year?

A. 6060
B. 7070
C. 5550
D. 4440

The average amount with a group of seven numbers is Rs. 20. If the newly joined member has Rs. 50 with him, what was the average amount with the group before his joining the group?

A. Rs. 25
B. Rs. 18
C. Rs. 15
D. Rs. 22



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