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imran khan Rawalpindi

Imran Khan in Rawalpindi announced to leave all Provincial Assemblies

Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has decided to resign from all assemblies, it was announced today in ...
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rolls royce to saudi players, saudi arabia

Saudi prince announced that all the players would receive Rolls Royce

The Saudi arabia prince announced that all the players would receive the "Rolls Royce Phantom," the most expensive car in ...
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pakistan bankruptcies,pakistan,

Is Pakistan going to be bankrupt in December 2022? Pakistan bankruptcies

Pakistan has to pay one billion dollars' worth of Eurobonds on the 5th of December next month, issued five years ...
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Qatar wc, Qatar

Qatar: How did a small fishing counrty become the world’s richest country?

Not so long ago, Doha, the capital of Qatar, which is currently set to host the football World Cup, was ...
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sea creatures, sea turtles, evolition, officerswiki, evolutionary biology, marine animals

Those sea creatures, who ‘talk’ to each other?

A scientist has identified 53 species of sea creatures that 'talk' to each other but were previously thought to be ...
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Arshad sharif death, officerswiki

Arshad Sharif: Death of Pakistani journalist in Kenya as a result of alleged police firing, investigation underway: Officials

Officials in Kenya say that an investigation has been launched into the alleged shooting death of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif ...
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What is the reality of the videos and photos of rotting dead bodies lying on the roof of Nishtar Hospital?

After the photos of dead bodies on the roof of the well-known Nishtar Hospital Multan, Punjab province in Pakistan came ...
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space debris chinese rocket

How much danger to people has there been an increase in space debris falling to Earth?

"Earlier this year, there were two separate incidents of space debris Chinese rocket falling in unexpected places on Earth. A ...
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nobel prize 2022

Who won the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 and how many Prize Winners in Pakistan?

"The Nobel Prize 2022 is being announced and perhaps the most famous of all, the Nobel Peace Prize 2022, will ...
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blockchain, cryptocurrency, currency,what is blockchain used for

What is cryptocurrency and blockchain? So Simple words to understand it

This is very difficult to understand. If you go to the internet, you will see hundreds of different opinions about ...
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pakistan and afghanistan coal deal,coal, coal deal

pakistan and afghanistan coal deal. How much effective for Pakistan

Pakistan has dccided to import coal from Afghanistan to deal with the energy crisis. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed ...
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parveen sheikh election

Parveen Sheikh, who won the general seat of a councilor by defeating PPP in Khairpur

Independent candidate Parveen Sheikh, who won the general seat of a councilor from Union Council Jilani of Khairpur district of ...
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sindh local government election results

Sindh Local Government Election Results- PPP remained strong in Sindh

The battle of local body elections was completed in 14 districts of Sindh in which the ruling party Pakistan Peoples ...
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 imf conditions for pakistan,

What is the new proposed tax rate by IMF on the salaried class of Pakistan?

What is personal tax? The IMF has called for reforms in personal income tax. It means increasing the rate of ...
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super tax in pakistan,super tax

Super tax in pakistan. Can Pakistan Industry survive in 39% tax ratio ?

What is a super tax? "Super tax is a special tax levied on top of the general tax, and the government ...
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pakistan imf agreement,

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that Pakistan-IMF agreement had been almost fixed with the IMF.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that Pakistan-IMF agreement had been almost fixed with the IMF. If the IMF does not ...
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economic crisis in srilanka,Sri Lanka, oil prices

No country or company is willing to provide fuel to Sri Lanka. Even not from cash payments

Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that the country's debt-ridden economy, which has been running for months, has ...
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nab ordinance amendment 2022,nab ordinance

Can NAB Ordinance Amendment bill 2022 be implemented without approval from President Alvi?

President Arif Alvi had also refused to sign the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Amendment Ordinance Bill. A statement issued by ...
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pakistan gas reserves

Pakistan gas reserves? Why is Pakistan not importing Gas from Russia?

Pakistan has issued four tenders for purchasing imported LNG for July, which aims to bridge the growing gap between demand ...
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economic survey latest, inflation rate 

Economic Survey latest Report of Pakistan14 june-2022 to 19-june-2022

The inflation rate has risen to 3.38% in one week, which is a historic increase in one week, while the ...
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effect of fuel price hike on economy,diesel prices, oil prices

Imapct of oil Price on the economy of world specifically Diesel prices.

In Pakistan, the price of Diesel was increased by Rs 59 on Wednesday night, after which its new price went ...
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Aamir Liaquat

How Aamir Liaqat died ?Is Dr. Aamir Liaqat killed, or is he dead naturally?

Yesterday, Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain passed away suddenly. Doctors informed that PTI MNA was brought to the hospital in a ...
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by election in punjab

By-Election in Punjab will decide the future of govt in Pakistan 2022

PTI and the PML-Q are focused on the by election in Punjab, and both the parties are hopeful for change ...
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increase in petrol price today

The petrol price has increased again. New Price will be 237 rupees

Citizens rushed to petrol pumps after Finance Minister Miftah Ismail announced an increase in the prices of petroleum products. Finance ...
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retired army officers press conference

Can retired army officers press conference change the Political Situation ?

Yesterday retired army officers press conference held in Islamabad. An organization of retired military and civilian officers claimed that Army ...
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bjp nupur sharma statement,nupur sharma

Is it Enough to Suspend the Nupur Sharma’s party membership after Muslim Countries Reaction?

After bjp nupur sharma statement the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India has distanced itself from spokesperson Nupur Sharma's ...
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ISI to act as a vetting agency

Why did the Prime Minister allowed ISI to act as a vetting agency for civil officers

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has issued a notification directing the country's intelligence agency ISI to act as a vetting agency ...
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pakistan and ttp ceasefire,pakistan

Is Pakistan going to separate the FATA from KPK? Pakistan and TTP Talks

Pakistan welcomes the announcement by the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to extend the ceasefire indefinitely. Yesterday, Federal Minister for Information ...
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when will inflation go down in pakistan,inflation

How long will the rise in inflation continue? Is there any possibility of reduction?

When will inflation go down in pakistan ? All pakistani people are worried now and with the Pakistani government raising ...
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electricity load shedding in pakistan,load shedding

Why currently 8 to 10 hours of power outages in cities and 16 to 18 hours in rural areas?

At this time electricity load shedding in pakistan is main problem. Industry and daily consumers are effecting by it severly ...
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can pakistan refine russian oil, russian oil

Can Pakistan import Russian oil? Will Pakistani refineries be able to produce products from Russian crude oil?

Can pakistan buy Russian Oil and how much it's good for pakistan. It's discussing in all Pakistan. Rising oil prices ...
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oil price effect on economy

What will be the effects of oil price increase in the short term and long term on Economy

The federal government on Thursday night increased the oil prices in the country by Rs 30 per litre, the biggest ...
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FIR against Iman Mazari

Why Pakistan Army registered an FIR against Iman Mazari, daughter of Shirin Mazari ?

On Friday, the Pakistani army registered an FIR against lawyer and social activist Iman Hazir Mazari. Iman Mazari is the ...
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Imran khan long March

Why did Imran Khan decide to end the Long March? Has the Election date been decided? 

Before leaving for Islamabad, Imran Khan had repeatedly announced that the PTI's 'true independence march' would continue in the federal ...
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pakistan imf talks

Pakistan IMF Talks. Why IMF still not issue the Loan to Pakistan ? 

Following the Pakistan IMF talks between the government of Pakistan and the IMF in Qatar, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ...
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Imran Khan march,Imran Khan

Imran Khan announced to march towards the Islamabad from Peshawar on 25th May.

Addressing a press conference and other leaders after the PTI core committee meeting in Peshawar, Imran Khan said he would ...
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Sher Shah Suri,real name of sher shah suri

Why is Sher Shah Suri still considered the greatest administrator in the Subcontinent?

Skandar Lodhi ruled over Delhi when Farid Khan (Sher Shah Suri) was given the management of his jagir by his ...
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Monkeypox in pakistan

Monkeypox: How Dangerous is the Monkeypox that has spread to 12 countries around the world and what is the treatment for it?

"Monkeypox causes rashes and blisters on the body. There are at least 12 countries in the world where more than ...
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imran khan jalsa pic

Imran Khan faces criticism over his statement about Maryam: “Did he really say that, really?” This is awful, very frustrating. “

“Maryam, look carefully, your husband will be angry. The way you take my name.” It had been more than half ...
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next election in pakistan

Why is there such a difference in the next election in Pakistan between political parties ?

When next election in Pakistan is going to held ? It is top trend question among Pakistani people. Pakistan is ...
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effects of climate change

Climate change: The chances of breaking the record of heat in Pakistan and India have increased 100 times

"Effects of climate change raised the temperature in India and Pakistan" According to a study by the British Meteorological Agency, ...
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 Locked  rooms of the Taj Mahal

 Locked  rooms of the Taj Mahal-Taj Mahal myths and facts

 Locked  rooms of the Taj Mahal Is there a secret hidden in the locked basement of Taj Mahal ? On ...
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shahbaz sharif

Why PML-N leadership went London ?: Nawaz Sharif’s possible role in decision making

Why PML-N leadership went London ?: Nawaz Sharif's possible role in decision making  The present government faces demands ranging from ...
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How interest rate affect economy of pakistan and damage the Economy?,interest rate

How the Increase in the interest rate damaged the Pakistani Economy.

How the Increase in the interest rates recently damaged the Pakistani Economy. Pakistan is facing a trade deficit of about ...
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john lee hong kong,john lee

John Lee as Hong Kong’s new leader with 99 percent of the vote

The Beijing-backed election committee has elected John Lee as Hong Kong's new leader with 99 percent of the vote. John ...
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cannabis,How marijuana affects your developing Brain ?

How marijuana affects your developing Brain ?

How marijuana affects your developing Brain ? The cannabis plant has been used by humans for centuries. Although it is ...
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Pakistan. Saudi Arabia

What does Saudi Arabia get in return for Pakistan’s help?

  What does Saudi Arabia get in return for Pakistan's help? After the fall of Imran Khan's government, Prime Minister Shahbaz ...
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imran khan jalsa pic

What are DeepFake, and how are they made?

 What are DeepFakes, and how are they made? Why are Imran Khan and PTI leaders pointing it out again and ...
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