Objective Resolution and its importance-Objections by Non-Muslims-Details

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objective resolution,

Objective Resolution 1949

Objective resolution in 1973 constitution is one of Pakistan’s most important constitutional documents. On 12 March 1949, it was adopted under the leadership of Liaqat Ali Khan and the leading cabinet Members in the Assembly by the First Constituent Assembly.Out of  75 assembly members, 21 voted against it.

On 7 March 1949 Liaquat Ali Khan presented the  Objective Resolution in 1973 Constituent Assembly.  Treasury and opposition members discussed it for five days. Finally, the objective resolution India was adopted on 12 March 1949.

Main Attributes 

  • Sovereignty Belongs to Allah
  • Federal System in Pakistan
  • Islamic Principles should be followed 
  • People Supreme Authority
  • Minorities Rights Protection
  • Citizen Rights according to Equality Principle
  • Judiciary should be Independent

Objective Resolution and its importance

Liaquat Ali Khan introduced the objective resolution 1949 in the constituent Assembly: “The ideals promising Pakistan’s demand should form the cornerstone of the state. In the Islamic sense, the word ‘democracy’ covers every aspect of life. It applies equally validly to the government system, and our society as the equality of all men is one of Islam’s greatest contributions.”

Objective resolution and its importance were that it had both the Islamic and Western Democrats’ fundamental principles. It established the aims on which the country’s future constitution was based and proved to be the founding draft of Pakistan’s constitutional development. bjective resolution india upsc

Objections by Non-Muslims

The Non-Muslims’ main objection was that the Government tried, against the spirit of democracy, to combine religious and political life. The non-Muslims raised objections against the ‘sovereignty of Allah’ and the rights of minorities to promote social inequality.

They also considered that Shariah is insufficient in modern times. It would encourage religious extremists to work towards the foundation of a ‘theocratic state.


Objective resolution in 1973 constitution is an important event in the country’s constitutional history; therefore, all the above principles were presented in the Objective Resolution India. All classes of people accepted it. It was a guide to the future Pakistani constitutions adopted in 1956, 1962, and 1973. It consisted of those principles that demonstrated that the constitutional character is Islamic. 

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