Pak History (1206 CE- 1857 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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The first Indian Hindi Scholar of the Mughal period was______________

A. Chand Bardai
B. Malik Muhammed Jayasi
C. Abdur Rahim
D. Mulla Wajhi

Which among the following ports was called Babul Makka (Gate of Makkah) during the Mughal Period ______?

A. Surat
B. Calicut
C. Cambay
D. Broach

Mughal painting reached its zenith under__________________?

A. Jahangir
B. Shahjahan
C. Humayun
D. Akbar

The first battle of Tarain took place between __________

A. Alauddin khilji and Prithviraj Chauhan
B. Mohammad Shah and Prithviraj Chauhan
C. Mahmud Ghazni and Prithviraj Chauhan
D. Mohammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan

Which battle did open the Delhi area to Muhammad Ghori ____________?

A. Second Battle of Tarain
B. First Battle of Panipat
C. Battle of Khanwa
D. First Battle of Tarain

In which of the following years, the Battle of Buxar was fought ____________?

A. 1757
B. 1767
C. 1764
D. 1762 

The battle of Dharmat was fought between___________________ 

A. Babur and Afghans
B. Muhammad Ghori and Jai Chand
C. Ahmad Shah Durrani and the Marathas
D. Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh

When Shah Wali Ullah died_____________?

A. 1761
B. 1762
C. 1763
D. 1764

Who rejected the verdicts of jurists that idol worshippers are liable to be murdered____________?

A. Mahmood Ghaznawi
B. Shams-ud-Din Iltumish
C. Jalal-ud-Din Deroz
D. None of these

Who constructed five canals to remove scarcity of water___________?

A. Alauddin Khaliji
B. Ghyas-ud-Din Tughlaq
C. Feroz Shah Tughlaq
D. Akbar

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