Pak History (1500 BC- 1206 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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In which book the religious discoursed of Gautam Buddha were collected ?

A. Suttapitaka

B. Jataks

C. Vinayapitaka

D. Amidhammapitaka

While in search of truth Buddha attained enlightenment under a pipal tree at ?

A. Badh gaya

B. Lumbini

C. Gaya

D. Dharamasla

Buddhism was introduced in Tibet by

A. The pala empire

B. Harsha Vardhana’s state

C. The Kushan empire

D. The Mauryan empire

Gautham Budhha was prince of which dynasty?

A. Kushan

B. Maurya

C. Gupta

D. Sakya

The most famous satupa built by the Shailendras is located at?

A. Anuradhapura

B. Borobudur

C. Angkor Vat

D. Angkor Thom

The Buddha delivered his first sermon, known as “Turning of the wheel of law” at?

A. Sarnath

B. Sanchi

C. Bodh Gaya

D. Sravasti

Buddha was the son of king?

A. Nandivardhana

B. Bimbisara

C. Ajatashatru

D. Shuddhodhana

The main Buddhist teaching is known as

A. Seven-fold path

B. Eight-fold path

C. Ten-fold path

D. Fourteen-fold path

Mahavira was born at?

A. Pavapuri (Bihar)

B. Kundagrama in Bihar

C. Pataliputra

D. Rajagriha

Who was father of Mahavira?

A. Sidarth

B. Sudhodhana

C. Vardhmana

D. Rishab

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