Pak History (1500 BC- 1206 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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The Bactrian Greeks arrived in Gandhara in?

A. 175 BC

B. 182 BC

C. 185 BC

D. 165 BC

Who among the following Europeans was first came to India as invaders?

A. Dutch

B. British

C. Portuguese

D. Greek

Bactria is now located the border between

A. Afghanistan and Pakistan

B. Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

C. Pakistan and Uzbekistan

D. Afghanistan and India

When the Kushans came to sub-continent?

A. 65 A.D

B. 35 A.D

C. 50 A.D

D. 60 A.D

Which of the following commodities was a major item of export trade in Kushan period?

A. Cotton textile

B. Horse

C. Gold

D. Paper

Rulers of which of the following dynasty took the title Devaputra?

A. Maurya

B. Sunga

C. Kushan

D. Saka-kshatrapa

Who was first Indian ruler who had territory outside India?

A. Ashoka

B. Chandragupta

C. Kanishka

D. Huvishka

Kanishka king belonged to which empire?

A. Maurya empire

B. Sunga dynasty

C. Kushan dynasty

D. Saka-kshatrapa dynasty

Which of the following was selected as the capital by Kanishka?

A. Purushpur (Peshawar)

B. Pataliputra

C. Ujjain

D. Kannauj

What was the language of Kushan Empire?

A. Greek

B. Bactrian

C. Persian

D. Both A & B

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