Pak History (1500 BC- 1206 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

What is the old name or Charsadda?

A. Kidar

B. Pushkalavati

C.  Gandhara

D. None of these

Taxila was the capital of·

A. Gandara Civilization

B. Persian Empire

C. Mauryan Empire

D. Indus Civilization

Alexander the Great visited Taxila and crossed the Salt Range {South of modern Islamabad) to the

A. Beas River

B. Jhelum River

C. Indus River

D. Kabul River

Gandara archaeological site Gur Khattree is in which part of Pakistan?

A. Taxila

B. Swat

C. Mardan

D. Peshawar

Where famous archaeological site Takt Bhai is located?

A. Baluchistan

B. Sindh


D. Punjab

Where famous archaeological site Taxila is located?

A. Baluchistan

B. Sindh


D. Punjab

Archaeological remains of the Butkara Buddhist stupa situated at

A. Saidu Sharif

B. Mngora

C Hazara

D. Mardan

Who discovered the Taxila (Gandara civilization)?

A. Jean Francois Jarrige

B. Catherine Jarrige

C. Marshal Jame

D. John Marshal

Excavations at Taxila was started in

A. 1911

B. 1912

C. 1913

D. 1916

Which animal is engraved on Harappan seals?

A. Lion

B. Unicorn

C. Tiger

D. Cow


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