Pak History (1500 BC- 1206 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Name the book which was written by the Al-Beruni?

A. Muslim separatism in India

B. Kitab-ul-Hind

C. Muslim movement in India

D. None of these

Abu-al-Fath Daud was the Ismaili ruler of

A. Lahore

B. Multan

C. Sindh

D. Depalpur

Mehmood Ghaznvi died in?

A. 1028

B. 1030

C. 1031

D. 1032

The Ghaznvi Kingdom was overthrown in 12th century by the

A. Ghuri Dynasty

B. Slave Dynasty

C. Lodhi Dynasty

D. None of these

Shahbud din Muhammad Ghori was born in Ghor in

A. 1142

B. 1145

C. 1147

D. 1149

What is full name of Shahab-ud-Din Ghori?

A. Muizz-ud-Din Muhammad Bin sam Shahab-ud -Din Ghori

B. Wajih-ud-Din Muhammad Bin sam Shahab-ud -Din Ghori

C. Kalim-ud-din Muhammad Bin sam Shahab-ud -Din Ghori

D. None of these

Muizz ad-Din Muhammad Ghori also known as Muhammad of Ghor was sultan of the Ghorid Empire along with his brother ____________ from 1173 to 1202 and as  supreme ruler of the Ghorid empire  from 1202 to 1206?

A. Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad

B. Ghiyath ad-Din Muhammad

C. Taj-ad-Din Muhammad

D. Muhammad Bin Bikhtiyar

Name the last Hindu ruler of the sub-continent?

A. Raja Prithvi Raj

B. Raja Dahir

C. Raja jay pal

D. None of these

Prithvi raj was overthrown and killed in 1192 at thanesar by

A. Muhammad Ghori

B. Mahmood Ghaznvi

C. Ghiyath ad-Din Muhammad

D. Akbar

In 1191 Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Muhammad Ghori in which battle?

A. The second battle of Tarrin

B. First battle of Tarrin

C. The first battle of panipat’

D. None of these

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