Pak History (1500 BC- 1206 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

After the death of Sabuktigin which son of him became the king?

A. Mahmood Ghaznvi

B. Ahmad shah Abdali

C. Nadir shah

D. None of above

What is meaning of Sabuktigin in turkic?

A. Rising power

B. Beloved prince

C. Beloved king

D. None of these

Who was the ruler of Kabul shahi dynasty from 964 to 1001 A.D?

A. Hutpai

B. Anandpal

C. Rajpal

D. Jaypal

Who was the son of jaypal?

A. Hutpai

B. Anandpal

C. Rajpal

D. None of these

Ghaznvi rule lasted in Pakistan from 1010 A.D to ?

A. 1170

B. 1190

C. 1185

D. 1187

Mahmood Ghaznvi was born in

A. 961

B. 998

C. 970

D. 971

When sultan Mahmood ascended the throne?

A. 996

B. 997

C. 998

D. 999

How many expeditions carried out Mehmood Ghaznvi in India?

A. 13

B. 12

C. 17

D. 18

Name of famous expedition of Mehmod Ghaznvi ?

A. Attack on Somnath

B. Attack on Delhi

C. Attack on Anandpal

D. None of these

Somnath temple was destroyed in

A. 1024

B. 1025

C. 1026

D. 1027


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