Pak History (1500 BC- 1206 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Who wrote the Mahabharata?

A. Lord Ganesh

B. Vedavyasa

C. Rig ved

D. Valmiki

In Hinduism who is god of fertility, wealth and cattle?

A. Raktavija

B. Pushan

C. Puchan

D. Purusha

Who is goddess of prayer and devotion?

A. Durgha

B. Dyaus pita

C. Ida

D. Imra

Yama, the god death in Hinduism, uses which animal as his transpot?

A. Camel

B. Cow

C. Buffalo

D. Elephant

How was sita related to Janaka?

A. He was her cousin

B. He married her cousin

C. She was his wife

D. She was his foster-daughter

Veda which deals with music?

A. Rigveda

B. Yajur veda

C. Sama veda

D. None of these

What was the name of Mahavira’s mother?

A. Yasodha

B. Yasodhara

C. Jameli

D. Trissala

According to Hinduism who is the king of Gods?

A. Shiva

B. Indra

C. Brahma

D. Vishnu

Who is the Hindu goddess of knowledge?

A. Lakshmi

B. Shakuntala

C. Parvathi

D. Saraswati

The lowest of the caste system people are the

A. Craftsmen

B. Skilled workers

C. Untouchables

D. None of these

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