Pak History (1500 BC- 1206 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Baahubali is a Sanskrit word which means?

A. A man with strong brain

B. A man with strong arms

C. An elephant with strong body

D. None of these

Who was founder of Jainism?

A. Gopala

B. Brihadaranyaka

C. Nataputta Mahavira

D. Gautam Buddha

Jainism was a contemporary of ?

A. Islam

B. Hinduism

C. Buddhism

D. None of these

Jina means

A. A man with strong Arms

B. Spiritual conqueror

C. Real conqueror

D. Man with religious soul

Ahisa means

A. Strong arms

B. Conqueror

C. Religious soul

D. Non injury

Which is the youngest religion?

A. Christianity

B. Hinduism

C. Islam

D. Sikhism

Which Indian festival is celebrated once every twelve years?

A. Kurukshetra

B. Kumbhamela

C. Pagoda mela

D. Ganesh Chaturthi

In Hindu who is god of death?

A. Brahma

B. Sarswati

C. Yama

D. Indra

Who is goddess of the speech, wisdom and learning?

A. Shasti

B. Saraswati

C. Satyanarayana

D. Savitar

Who is goddess of the sacred Ganges river in India?

A. Ganga

B. Kubera

C. Indra

D. Ganesha

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