Pak History (1857 CE- 1947 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Who Presented a Poor Man’s Budget in 1946?

A. Raja Ahmed
B. Liaquat Ali
C. Ch. Muhammad Ali.
D. None of above

Which Political Party was in Power in North West Frontier Province (Now KPK) at the time of Independence?

A. Muslim Leage
B. Congress
C. Justice Party
D. Tehreek e Khaksar

Before the partition of India in 1947 how many Princely states existed?

A. 480
B. 360
C. 562
D. 670

Under which scheme did Muslim league surrender the demand of separate electorate for the Muslims?

 A. Delhi Proposal 1927
B. Patna Scheme 1938
C. Poona Pact
D. Never Surrender

The demarcation line between the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is known as_________?

 A. Durand Line
B. Radcliffe line
C. Line of control
D. None

Government of India Act 1935 divided the country into how many provinces?

A. 7
B. 9
C. 11
D. 13

Which of the following Governor General of Pakistan died in exile?

 A. Ghulam Muhammad
B. Iskander Mirza
C. Khawaja Nazimudin
D. Muhammad Ali Boghra

Darul Uloom Deoband was founded in________?

A. 31 May 1866
B. 31 June 1867
C. 31 July 1868
D. 31 August 1869

Hazrat Mahal who fought during the War of Independence 1857 against the British was?

A. Queen of Jhansi
B. Ruler of Jodhpur
C. Begum of Nizam of Hyderabad
D. Begum of Awadh
E. None of these.

When was Lahore High Court established?

A. 1913
B. 1916
C. 1919
D. 1925

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