Pak History (1857 CE- 1947 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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The Sindh Hari Committee was Founded in 1930 by__________?

A. Hyder Bux jatoi
B. G.M Syed
C. Allama iqbal during Allahabad
D. Comrade Nazeer Abbasi

M.A.O college was to provide education to ______? 

A. Muslims
B. Non-Muslims
C. Muslims & Non-Muslims
D. Christians

“Congress is mainly a hindu body which can never be sincere to the Muslims”. Who said these lines?

A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Fatima Jinnah
D. Rahmat Ali

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan set himself to the task of protecting which language? 

A. Arabic
B. Urdu
C. Farsi
D. Hindi

Who introduced “Two nations theory” in the subcontinent?

A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Allama Muhammad Iqbal
D. Zafar Ali khan

Who was appointed first secretary of the Board of Trustees of Aligarh College?

A. Syed Muhammad
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Hakeem Ajmal khan
D. Nawab Viqar-ul-malik

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan received his early education from his _________?

A. Father
B. Maternal GrandFather
C. Mother
D. Maternal GrandMother

Which Muslim leader received the title of “Knighthood” in 1888?

A. Rahmat Ali
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Maulana M.Ali Jauhar
D. Maulana Shaukat Ali

Who wrote “The Loyal Muhammadans of India”? 

A. Sir M.Zafarullah khan
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Fazlul-Haq
D. Rahmat Ali

In which year Sir Syed Ahmad Khan set up a school at Moradabad?

A. 1829
B. 1839
C. 1859
D. 1849

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