Pak History (1857 CE- 1947 CE) Mcqs for PPSC, FPSC, NTS

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Which Muslim leader left the politics after the cancellation of the partition of Bengal______?

A. Nawab Salimullah Khan
B. Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk
C. Nawab Hamidullah Khan
D. None of these

The All-Indian Muslim League observed ‘Day of Deliverance’ after the resignation of the All-India Congress Minsters. On what date was it observed__________?

A.22 October 1938
B. 22 December 1938
C. 22 October 1939
D. 22 December 1939

In 1928 Agha Khan III advocated independence of each province at the meeting of All parties convention in__________?

A. Delhi
B. Hyderabad
C. Calcutta
D. None of these

Who was first appointed Nazim of Nadva-ul-ulema in 1883_____________?

A. Maulana Shibli
B. Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor
C. Maulana Syed Muhammad Ali
D. None of these

Clive in one of his Gazettes made it mandatory that no Muslim shall be given an employment higher than that of chaprasy or a junior clerk has recorded by______________?

A. Majumdar
B. Hasan Isphani
C. Karamat Ali
D. None of these

The first issue of Maualana Abul Kalam Azads ‘Al Hilal’ came out on 13 July_________?

A. 1912
B. 1913
C. 1914
D. None of these

At the annual session of Anjuman Hamayat Islam in 1911 Iqbal’s poem was recited, poetically called_________?

A. Sham-o-Sahar
B. Shikwa
C. Jawab-e-Shikwa
D. None of these

Quaid-i-Azam said in an interview on any hope of India and Pakistan coming to a peaceful settlement ‘provided the Indian government shed the superiority complex and deal with Pakistan on an equal footing given to special correspondent from_______?

A. Germany
B. France
C. Switzerland
D. None of these

In 1917 Kheiri Brothers suggested a plan of partition of India in a conference of the Socialist International held in__________?

A. Sweden
B. Netherlands
C. England
D. None

Anjuman-e-Islamia Punjab was founded for the renaissance of Islam in the year______?

A. 1849
B. 1859
C. 1869
D. None of these

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